Most of the time, we find construction nerve-racking for the material and expensive equipment required. Even more, several projects may require you to use specialized tools. Whether you need general equipment, gardening tools, power tools, and man-platform lifts, it might be prudent to consider leasing or rental services. What about boom lift rental services?

James called our service line asking for a quote on our tool rental services. He had a broken window pane in one of his high-rise offices, which could only be fixed from the outside. Without any available alternatives to fix the pane in the six storey building, he needed a boom lift.

Boom Lift for Rent

Several boom lifts with secured cages

But was it worth buying? In the long-term, Yes. However, in this case, he needed it for one-time use. Thus decided to call us for rental services. But which one?

Types of boom lift for rent?

The popularity of these lifts has grown over the years. With advanced technology, there are varieties introduced for day-to-day challenges, which common lifts will not handle. Here is a run-down of the different types of boom lifts;

  • Articulating boom lifts
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Elevating work platforms
  • Mobile work elevating work platforms
  • Telescopic boom lifts and others.

What are boom lifts used for

Boom lifts are also called cherry pickers, aerial work platforms, elevating work platforms, or mobile elevating work platforms. Boom lifts are mostly used to access high areas. Different lifts have different unique features that enable them to carry out various tasks. Boom lifts are easy to use. A single person is capable of operating a boom lift by themselves. Models that are below 60 feet are easy to tow to any job site.

Boom lifts take the part of using ladders. Ladders are difficult and also risky to use, especially when you have heavy equipment with you. The use of boom lift, on the other hand, is comfortable, efficient, and safer to use. Also, some boom lift designs move like cranes these will enable you to reach high areas and those with obstacles.

Types of boom lifts

There are several types of boom lifts that are ideal for different tasks depending on their specifications. They include;

Articulating boom lift.

This is also called the knuckle boom or the up and down lift. Articulated booms have sections that can bend, which facilitates you to go across significant obstacles. These sections function independently, which enables the driver to access high areas. It is also usable in small spaced areas since they have a tight turning radius. This boom is also called the cherry picker and is ideal from trimming trees on rough terrains.

45 ft Articulating Boom Lift rental | rent a tool ny

A man work platform scissor lift. A team working on top of a storey building

Besides, this boom lift is efficient in companies where they are used to fight fires and service high phone lines. They also handle construction and maintenance tasks. These boom lifts have unique features like telescoping sections and a jib that can extend a platform up to additional 6 feet to any direction. Their bug-like legs enable these articulated booms to access even the roughest terrains and steep areas.  Besides, the booms can fit through buildings doorways. Thus, people can use them to get in a building.

Articulated booms use diesel, electric, and dual-fuels. It depends on the model you pick. They can accommodate loads of up to 500 pounds. When a task is in an indoor setting, using electric booms is better since they don’t emit gases. Also, they operate quieter.

Telescoping boom lifts

Telescopic boom lifts are also called straight mast lifts or the stick booms. Instead of bending like the articulated booms, these booms extend out and up. They need a bigger space to operate. One person is enough to run this boom. There is no need for two people, one on the ground and one running the equipment. Hydraulics are responsible for extending and retracting the booms. Taller telescopic boom models have a jib at the top. They are ideal for use on bridges, roofs and when you need to access across an obstacle. Also, they are suitable for stacking items in high places.

How to operate a boom lift safely

Training is necessary before beginning to use a boom lift on how to operate and maintain them. Always ensure that booms are at bay with hazards like energized power lines. It is still advisable to wear protective gears like hard hats, eye protection, masks, and reflective jackets when operating this equipment.

Also, ensure that you hire the right boom lift. If you are unsure of the boom lift ideal for your task, consult a professional. Also, ensure you inspect the boom lift before using it. Check the fluid and oil levels, the condition of the wheels, brakes, and steering to ensure it is ready for use.