Complete Home Renovation with Tile Blades in Brooklyn, NY.

Are you in the middle of a construction and need some help cutting through the concrete or tiles for a finishing? Are you looking to buy concrete tile blade in Brooklyn, NY? Perhaps, you interested in a company with more than 40 years of experience handling tools and equipment? Well, you are in the right place. At Rent A Tool NY, not only do you get to experience professional customer service but also enjoy high quality goods. Additionally, being an American, family owned company, you can trust us with the integrity of your home. Contact any of our branches country-wide and let us build you a high quality, durable and dependable effective blade for your concrete or tiles.

For concrete and tile blades, we have the following:

Ruswest 101406 Diamond Blade 4-1/2’’ Turbo 15000 RPM

Going for only $12.99, you can have one of these blades. It cuts through concrete, bricks, pavers, sandstone, stucco and roof tile. With a 7/8-nch round Arbor with 5/8-inch solid brass for the brushing adapter, you get to experience world class service when it comes to cutting. Whenever you need solutions for industrial drilling and cutting, then the 20-25% diamond grain concentration blade will get the job done. Even better, it is made to run at speeds of a maximum of 15000RPM when dry cutting.

Buy Concrete Tile Blade in Brooklyn, NY

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Ruswest 301406 Diamond Blade 4-1/2″ Segmented 15,000 RPM

This blade differs from the 101406 blade in that it has segments. The blade is made of segmented concrete diamond blades. Also, it has a 7/8-inch round arbor with a 5/8-inch brushing adapter. Proven reliable by experts who tested the design, innovation and manufacturing, you can trust us to deliver the perfect blade for you. Besides the dry cutting 15000 max RPPM, it has a 20-25% diamond concentration, making it durable, more efficient and reliable.

Ruswest 4-1/2″ Diamond Crack Chaser Blade 5/8″ Arbor

When you buy concrete tile blade in Brooklyn, NY from Rent A Tool NY, you stand to gain a discount. Rather than getting for $54.99,  you get to pay $49.99. Besides that, the blade has some desirable features. Whether you are a contractor or need to cut through the tiles and slab by yourself, this blade is perfect for you. It is best suited for use with the 4-1/2’’ angle grinder. Regardless of the floor you need to cut, whether granite or marble, it is sure to serve the desired purpose. Also, if you want to repair some concrete, cut out some cracks in the concrete floor, whether wet or dry, the Ruswest 4-1/2″ Diamond Crack Chaser Blade 5/8″ Arbor gets the job done. At company ABC, we see to it that the good you receive has an item number, and is 4-1/2 in*7/8 in, and 5/8 in arbor. With speeds of up to 15000 RPM, you can hence go on with your building works without trouble.

Malco 7-1/4″ Fiber Cement Cutting Blade Fccb1 Ev

Save over $11 by buying a Malco 7-1/4″ Fiber Cement Cutting Blade Fccb1 Ev for your use. However, this blade is not suitable for use with concrete. Rather, you use it to cut through cement. It is a 7-1/4’ blade for a circular saw. It has a maximum speed of 8300 RPM. However, there is a disclaimer that comes with the use if this blade. The cement contains silica. The respirable silica contained on the cutting dust is harmful to the extent of causing cancer. Also, do not use it to cut metal or cement.

Cement Cutting Blade

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Virginia Abrasives Diamond 14″ x .125″ x 1″ – 20mm General Purpose Concrete BD Blade

Are you looking to but concrete tile blade in Brooklyn, NY especially a wet and dry cut blade with 14 inch blade diameter? Do you want to cut through pavers, bricks, concrete, cement or blocks? Then Virginia Abrasives Diamond 14″ x .125″ x 1″ – 20mm General Purpose Concrete BD Blade is the solution. In addition, it is general purpose. This means that the blade can be used on many types of concrete. Operating at high speeds, you can use this blade for 14’’ Cut-Off Saw and the 14’’ Walk Behind Saw.  With its easy-to-use color coding system, you can rely on the high quality grade diffusion bonded diamond blade to create a crisp, smooth and chip-free edge after a cut on an abrasive material. Contact company ABC and get one for a discounted price of $54.99 rather than $79.99.

For all the blades above, be keen not to exceed the maximum rated speed. Doing so endangers you and the people around you. Therefore, when using any of these blades with a saw, make sure you are in protective clothing. Also, when the blade wears out, discard rather than sharpening