Descriptive Guide on How To Buy Extension Cables.

Ever had to sit close to the socket to use the charger? Even more frustrating, had to see your phone switch off because there was another device connected to the power? If you have experienced any of these inconveniences, then you will be intrigued by our product. Imagine owning an extension code, two feet long. Regardless of the corner of the house, you want to stay in, with a quality, durable and long lasting extension cable, all you need to do is buy extension cables from a relaible dealer.

Extension cables come in different types, specifications, length, electrical rating, and features. You want one that suits all your needs perfectly. To successfully, purchase one, there are few things you need to know. You do not necessarily need an electrician to acquire one. That is why we provide more excellent details about the extension cables for you to choose from.

At Rent A Tool NY, we avail different extension cables. These include:

GoGreen Heavy duty three outlets 12/3 extension cord, 2ft long-GG-15302

 This is a 12/3 gauge STJW 3 outlet extension cord with heavy duty 15 Amp, 125 Volt rating. It also had a lighted end and is 2 feet long. This cable is moisture and abrasion resistant. Also, it will withstand more exposure to sunlight. Hence it is more durable. It turns one outlet to three, allowing for more plugins, hence more convenience. Once connected, the plug illuminates to indicate that the power is on.

Heavy Duty Extension Cables

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US Wire 60050 16/3×50′ indoor/outdoor extension cord

The cord is made in the US, by U.S Wire & Cable. It contains vinyl cord sets made with double insulation and molded-on plugs. A vital safety factor that is characteristic of these cables is the ground on the caps. It has a molded plug and a receptacle with three wires, grounded at the outlet. Due to the double insulation, they are more durable and perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

Outside US-wire Extesion Cable

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If you want the best for use in your home or office, then you will like what Rent A Tool NY has in store for you. We want what is best for you. We partner with different high quality companies to ensure that you always have the best. With us, you can be sure that under no circumstances can you experience inconveniences connected to extension cords. Call us today and get yourself a reliable, safe, durable and high quality extension cable.



Tips To buy extension cables

To serve the legitimate purpose, it is essential that you understand a few things about the wires. They come in different sizes and specifications. However, to choose the right type, here are a few considerations:

Power rating on Extension Cables.

Before you buy extension cables, make sure you understand the classification of the appliances you intend to plug in. For this reason, equipment that requires more current ratings needs thicker wires. This is because, with an increase in the thickness of the cable, the electrical copper losses decrease.

Consequently, you can save some extra money off the electrical bills. If not indicated, remember that amperage watt/voltage. You could calculate it and compare it with the wire rating.

Extension Cables Plug type

It would be unfortunate if you buy a two pin plug extension cable to use with a three pin plug charger. In most cases, once you buy electronics from a store, returning them can be problematic. Therefore, make sure you are sure of the plug type of the devices you intend to use. This way, you avoid inconveniences and save some time.

How to use Extension Cables

Before buying an extension cable, look at the appliances and devices you plan to use with the cable. Due to their high current and power ratings, there are some appliances you cannot use with an extension cable. Such include driers, motors, pumps, or other heavy tools. These machines draw more than 12 amps from the source, which is too high and could heat and cause fires.

Finally, it is crucial that you buy extension cables that are well-insulated. Be it an outdoor or indoor cable. You do not want to buy a cable that will be a danger in your home or office. Always check the thickness of the insulation and conclude whether you want it or not.

When it comes to the perfect choice on how to buy extension cables, there is only one choice in the market. That is the heavy duty outlet extension cord. Whether you want the outdoor or indoor extension cords, we have got you covered.