Why Should You Buy Wood Blade in Brooklyn, NY.

Are you planning to Buy Wood Blade in Brooklyn, NY or having a home makeover? Are you a contractor who deals with furniture and wooden parts of the house? Do you earn your livelihood from wood? If that is the case, then, you might be interested in our wood blades. In addition to the discounted prices, we avail the blades with a sharper utility that helps you precisely cut through wood. Our blades can be for general purpose cutting, fine or ultra-fine cross-outs and ripping. If you need help installing, repairing and using any of our machines, whether blade or the saw, we have technicians who will be happy to help you.

Among the wood blades we supply, from all around the world, for both soft wood and hard wood include:

Original 7-1/4 inch 24T Circular Blade

In stock and for $7.99, the circular blade one that is easy to use. All you need is a circular saw 7-1/4’’ with carbide tipped 24 teeth. Thereafter, you can use it to cut through simple wood, such as plywood and planks. The blade has a characteristic thin kerf that delivers a fast, clean, laser cut stabilizer vent, which consequently results in reduced vibrations and precise cuts. Also, you can use it on rough wood. It features a maximum rotational speed of 8,300RPM. Therefore, if you are in a construction and need a blade to work on that wood, then the Original 7-1/4 inch 24T Circular Blade is your go-to blade.

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Circular Saw Blade Carbide Tipped7-1/4’’ 10 Pack CSB0724

They say bulk buying often tends to spare you a lot of money. That is clearly illustrated by the 10 pack wood blades sold in this package. Rather than paying the $59.99 or $79.99 for 10 blades, you get to walk away with them at a price of $49.99 only. The Circular Saw Blade Carbide Tipped7-1/4’’ 10 Pack CSB0724 is easy to use and applies the circular saw. Straight from the Tuff Stuff industries, the blade comes with a stabilizer for more precise cuts. It also has a maximum operational speed of 7,000RPM. It cuts through rough wood and simple wood cuttings such as plywood and wood planks. Being ideal for construction application, the fast speeds of the blade make it suitable for clean cuts in a variety of framing materials.



Timberline 7-1/4’’ 24T Circular Blade Ti-cut 72524B

From the original’s warehouses, the Timberline 7-1/4’’ 24T Circular Blade Ti-cut 72524B blade brings a solution for general construction application. Whether it is cutting through rough wood, planks or simple plywood, it will get the job done. Additionally, it operates at speeds of up to 6,000RPM, hence delivers fine cuts. With a carbide 24 teeth structure, it can cut through any wood. The thin kerf gives fast, clean and laser-cut vents for precise cuts and less vibration. Since it can be used alongside a circular saw, it is therefore easy to use and fit.

Timberline 82540 Ti-cut GP 8-1/4’’*40T Wood Blade

Save money when you buy the Timberline 82540 blade. Some of its attractive features include its ability to cut through softwood, hardwood and plywood. With an 8-1/4-inch diameter and 40 teeth, it delivers smooth cuts every time you use it. The blade also has a 10-degree hook angle and a 5/8’’ bore with diameter knockout. The carbide tips are designed for the do-it-yourself market and contractors in the industry. Also, the blade has expansions that dissipate heat. Besides the carbide tipped teeth, the blade has a thin kerf for ease of cut and to reduce the waste from the cut, especially for hardened bodies. If you own a 8-1/4’’ Circular saw, then you are good to go.

Best Wood Blades in Brooklyn, NY

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