Affordable Cleaning Tools Rental NYC

Are you looking for tools and equipment to clean your tiles and grout? If yes, you do not have to worry about purchasing new set of tools. However, with Rent A Tool NY, you have access to a wide variety of cleaning tools rental NYC. Certainly, tiles and grout are one of the toughest and most difficult to clean. Despite the fact that you could be mopping regularly, there will always be stubborn stains and dirt stuck beneath the grout. As every problem has a solution, the cleaning process to get rid of this dirt requires specialized equipment.

Saving on your budget with cleaning tools rental NYC.

When you are faced with any construction or probably any renovation project, you will be on a tight budget. In Fact, you will look for all ways you could save some few bucks on your budget. One of the sure ways to a cost-effective project, is to consider renting tools for the project.

In this case, you may consider hiring general cleaning tools, surface cleaning equipment, a floor buffer or a wet dry vacuum cleaner. All this will help restore the natural shine of your tiles, countertops, ceramic floors, and bathroom faucets. Most noteworthy, our technicians are always ready to do the cleaning upon request. We understand that cleaning may be a trouble and thus DIY may not successfully clean your tiles.

Here are some of the cleaning tools rental NYC to consider.

Before deciding to rent any particular tool, you will need to understand how it works. Simply put, the method in which it cleans your surfaces, and the level of energy consumption. At Rent A Tool NY we have efficient and effective tools to get the job done without escalating your bills. Moreover, our tools and equipment are serviced and maintained regularly to ensure that they provide you with the best of service for a cleaning project. Thus, here are some of the cleaning tools to consider for rental;

Floor Buffer Rental.

Like any other too, the floor buffer comes in different sizes and designs. As a result, it cleans a variety of surfaces. The major services that Floor buffer rental offers is buffing floors. When you are faced with both residential and commercial cleaning needs, it the best cleaning tools rental to consider. Especially after construction of a new building or a renovation project. Moreover, it is also used for sanding on wooden floors, waxing and stripping ceramics and tiles and much more. At Rent A Tool NY, we supply our customers with sand screens, and polishing for use during the project. Moreover, you can purchase required equipment at a discount or an offer.

Cleaning Tools Rental service in NYC – On a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Hepa Vacuum (Wet Dry Shop Vac) Rental.

This one works in the same way a squeegee works, however, it is meant for small areas or sections within a home. It is suitable for both light and heavy dirt. When you have flooding in your basement, it becomes the perfect tool for cleaning the floor. It is a multipurpose equipment that allows for cleaning for both wet and dry surfaces. Similarly, like any other tool rental needs, we provide accompanying accessories for optimum cleaning. Do you have a small project in your home? Does your home have dust more than usual? If yes, then the Hepa Vacuum Rental is your perfect tool.

Revolution Tile and Grout cleaning tool.

This is a light-weight tool or machine used to clean both rugged and even surfaces. It is has an already fixed extractor or a truckmount extractor that cleans concrete surfaces. For efficient cleaning, it has a T-shaped handle that allows side by side movement, and front and back movement. This equipment is the best for cleaning floors, countertops, ceramic and tiled walls and other operations.

Why you should consider Rent A Tool NY.

Unlike any other tool rental company in NYC, we are industry experts for a wide variety of tools and equipment. Moreover, we complement our rental services with equipment sale. We have a ready and on-site one-stop-shop for all sort of tools.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing affordable cleaning tools rental NYC. We offer favorable quotes depending on your project need. Call or visit one of our offices spread over and beyond NYC for a custom Cleaning Tool Rental NYC quote. Moreover, we have the best prices for tool purchases, for all project requirements. Check out our flawless rating on Google Maps.

Call us today on our service line 718-395-539 or visit our offices at 765 E New York Ave. Brooklyn NY 11203. We will be more than glad to help you complete your construction project efficiently.

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