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80 ft Articulating Boom Lift rental | rent a tool in nyc

Complete Guide About Aerial Lifts.

Different Types Of Aerial Lift Tools.

When it comes to construction equipment, you will have to make the right choice before deciding on a particular match for your project.

If you are not familiar with most of these tools, it becomes even more challenging to know what to use and on which project.

If you have a project that requires you to reach great heights, aerial lifts are a perfect match.

But are there different types of aerial lifts?

Yes. Aerial lifts come in 3 primary and varying categories: boom lifts, telehandlers, and scissor lifts.

You might have heard these terms or perhaps seen them in different environments.

A scissor lift aerial work platform. Rise your loads to about 30ft.

There is a general misconception that these lifts perform the same purpose, which is false.

Each of the lift categories works in specific environments, ideally suited for particular jobs and different modes of operation.

What are scissor lifts?

Even though scissor lifts could serve the same purpose as scaffolding and standard ladders, they are more convenient.

With these lifts, you can load and unload heavyweights.

Scissor lifts, in their design, are work platforms that enable a worker to stand on the platform and rise to heights with heavy loads.

These lifts are more suitable for permanent and semi-permanent repair and installation.

Concerning their design, they rise directly above their base. Therefore, scissor lifts do not occupy more space, and thus many businesses prefer them to other types of charges.

Moreover, you can be able to gain more reach in height and also increased load capacity.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty aerial work platform for use in your business, then a scissor lift could be a good value for money.

Are there different scissor lifts, and if there are, what is the difference?

Yes, there are different types of scissor lifts.

  • Single-man work platform scissor lift
  • Rough-Terrain scissor lifts, and

If you are often working alone on your projects, then a single-worker scissor lift could be a perfect tool for you.

These are more portable and can even be pushed.

Even though they cannot rise to a greater height, they can easily reach between 30 ft. to 50 ft.

The rough terrain scissor lifts are another preferred type for rugged environments. They can either be two or four-wheeled, enhanced with heavy-duty tires. These lifts can reach from 40 to 60 ft.

The slab type of scissor lifts are primarily electric and work on smoother surfaces and environments. Although they are relatively heavy, they can rise to 50 ft.

Although there are different scissor lifts, the type of tool you might need to buy or rent will largely depend on project needs.

Here are a few things to consider before buying or renting a scissor lift.

Essentially, the most important things to consider are as following: How much you are getting out of what you are buying or renting and where the project will be done.

Here are some of the considerations you will need to make to determine the type of scissor lift to rent;

  • The intended purpose of the lift
  • The size of the work platform
  • The location or environment where you will use the lift
  • Scissor lift’s maximum height
  • The type of surface on which you will operate the lift from
  • The top and minimum turning radius
  • How many loads to use on the charge.

Once you have decided which scissor lift meets the requirements, you might need to consider their power source.

Call to get the best scissor lift for rent/buy in NYC.

Here you have an option to go for an electric or gas lift.

It is important to note that the electric type is more suitable for indoor use,

which means that they have a smaller turning radius and relatively lower reach.

Their counterparts, on the other hand, are ideal for outdoor use. 

These can reach greater heights, can work on almost any terrain, and have higher load capacities.

However, the electric scissor lifts are much easier to operate than the gas scissor lifts.

Scissor Lift Rental in New York.

Are you on the 4th or 5th floor and you have to bring heavy things upstairs like a piano, fridge, or just a lot of stuff?

Well Scissor lifts can help a lot in these conditions, and no you don’t need

to buy a Scissor lift you can just rent for a day a month or more.

Boom Lifts. What are Boom lifts used for?

Mosty to bring supplies or people up to places to clean windows, electric and cable repair, etc.

When working on an aerial project, the best equipment you can consider is an aerial work platform.

One of this equipment is a boom lift.

They are known by different names such as man lift platforms, Cherry pickers, and sometimes basket cranes.

Even though their operations can be closely linked to a scissor lift, they are way different.

In their design, they can go around obstacles and can reach greater heights.

How are scissor lifts designed?

Since these are heavy-duty equipment most suitable for outdoor use, you will notice that these tools larger than scissor lifts.

They will have a wheeled ground base with a hydraulic system, a work platform, and a powerful crane.

For ease of transportation, boom lifts are mostly attached to trucks and vans.

If you are working on rugged terrain, it is essential to ensure that you carry the lift to not pose damage to the equipment.

Like scissor lifts, a boom lift could be electrical or an internal combustion boom lift.

Since they are specially designed for more challenging to reach areas, they can extend from as low as 30 ft. to about 150 ft.

They are used mainly by firefighters, electricians, general workers, and construction with such great heights.

However, there is no limitation to where you can use a boom lift.

What are some of the boom lifts?

If you are on the hunt for a boom lift, you will identify two distinct types.

The straight and the articulating booms. 

What makes each of these lifts different from the other? Here’s what you need to know;

Articulating Boom Lifts.

If you are looking for a more versatile aerial work platform, then an articulating boom is the right choice.

As the name suggests, they can hinge and bend on different sections of the crane.

It can offer them the possibility of getting around obstacles with ease.

However, these can be used both indoors and outdoors.

But it is essential to go for an electric boom lift when using indoors.

For the fact that they can hinge and extend, they are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.

However, they have a relatively lower reach height at a maximum of 120ft.

Not forgetting the load capacity, an articulating boom can raise between 800 lbs to 1000 lbs.

Straight Boom Lifts.

These are also known as the telescopic boom lifts.

As the name suggests, these types have an extension arm that stretches to reach greater heights.

However, the telescopic arm has no hinges, and thus it cannot go around obstacles.

Unlike the articulating boom, a telescopic boom lift is much stable and can extend up to 180 ft.

Since telescopic booms can extend this high, they are more suitable for outdoor use and are mainly powered through internal combustion.

Indeed, you might want to consider the load capacity of the boom.

A straight boom can carry up to a maximum of 1000 lbs. 

However, depending on the lift you need, you will find one with a higher load capacity.

What is the best boom lift for you?

Like any other tool or equipment, you will have to check a few considerations before deciding on a particular boom lift. Here’s a checklist;

  • Intended height of the boom lift.
  • Are there obstacles in the way of operation?
  • What’s the maximum load of the equipment, personnel, and material for use in the project?
  • Where to use the boom, indoor or outdoor?
  • The size of the aerial work platform.

With answers to some of these questions, you should find the best boom for your project.

Boom Lift Rental services

Are you looking for an affordable boom lift rental company in NYC?

Look no further than Rent A Tool NYC. 

We have an exclusive range of tools for rent and sale.

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If you are in the construction industry, you will encounter projects where you will need to work on greater heights.

It might be challenging to get the job done without the right set of tools and equipment to enhance your aerial reach.

As such, you have the option to hire, buy, or rent an aerial work platform.

If you are working in a rough terrain environment, then a telehandler is your best option.

As the name suggests, it is similar to a telescopic boom lift.

However, it works more like a forklift.

It has an attached lift platform that will raise the equipment and materials to intended heights.

Due to this regard, telehandlers are best suited for agricultural, industrial, and general construction environments.

But what makes a telehandler a unique aerial work platform lift?

Why choose a telehandler?

Even though there are different types of telehandlers, most of them are four-wheeled, with a telescopic boom attached to their chassis.

These enhance their operation by moving loads upwards and forward. 

They are closely linked to cranes because they mainly offer solutions to lift loads.

Since they are like specialized forklifts, they can pick loads from hard-to-reach areas.

If you have your load in a trailer or truck, it is convenient and efficient to use a telehandler in picking and lifting it rather than a crane.

Moreover, they are easy to operate as opposed to cranes.

Types of telehandlers.

Like any other aerial work platform, you will find a wide range of telehandlers. Depending on your project, there are smaller and larger lifts that are particular to your work environment. However, there are two types of telehandlers;

  • Rotating telehandlers, and
  • Telescopic handlers.

Here is all you need to know about each of these aerial work telehandlers.

Rotating Telehandlers.

As the name suggests, this one can rotate at 360 degrees while still in a fixed position.

The base will be rooted in one spot, while the telescopic arm will swivel around to reach expected heights.

Unlike the standard handler, this one doubles it up by being more efficient to use and operate.

Telescopic handlers.

Unlike the rotating handler, these are very standard.

Telescopic handlers can only stretch the telescopic arm in and out.

However, they can reach greater heights from 18 ft. to over 50 ft.  

Moreover, this type of telehandler has a higher load capacity of up to 10 000 lbs.

If you are looking for the right telehandler, you will know what project you want to get done.

You will get almost any type of handler that is particular to your project.

But how do you identify a telehandler that is suited for your project?

What is the best right telehandler for you?

Like any other tool or equipment for rent or purchase, you will have to have a clear checklist of what to look for.

The same is also true when choosing the perfect telehandler for your project needs.

Here is what to consider before finding a telehandler for hire;

  • The maximum load need in your project
  • Maximum height to reach
  • Available space of the loading zone
  • Swivel area of the telescopic arm
  • What specialized attachment do you need with your handler
  • How long will you need to use the telehandler?

With this checklist, you should find a handler with the suitable load capacity, the exact height of reach, and the angles of the extension arm.

Specialty attachments of telehandlers.

We have the best Knuckle boom rental service in NYC

Since telehandlers can be used for various purposes, you cannot decisively say that you will use the same attachment with your tool.

There are specialty attachments that you can use with a telehandler, besides the standard forks.

There are the buckets, bucket grabs, and so much more.

Before you decide on the specific handler for your project, make sure to ask your rental company for the special attachments if need be.

Also, most of these tools are meant for outdoor use.

As such, they are more likely to use internal combustion engines. However, you could safely use a telehandler indoors.

Telehandler for rent in Brooklyn.

Finding the right tool is one job; identifying a rental company is another?

You will have to do an in-depth search for a profitable company that has the best rental terms.

At Rent A Tool LLC, you will find a wide variety of aerial work platforms, including telehandlers.

If you are looking for an affordable telehandler rental in NYC, look no further than Rent A Tool LLC.

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