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types of construction equipment in nyc

What Kind of Construction Equipment do People Rent in NYC?

Whether you are completely remodeling your home or simply remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, there are several home improvement projects that require some serious construction equipment. You might also be starting from scratch and building your dream home and need several pieces of equipment to get the job done.

Before you spend a very significant amount of money on equipment, you will only need for a very short amount of time, in some cases only hours; why not rent the tools and construction equipment from a construction equipment rental company in NYC?

Here is a quick guide to renting construction equipment in NYC, including a few benefits to renting construction equipment over buying some equipment that can cost several thousands of dollars.

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Construction Equipment Rental Near Me

Benefits of Renting Equipment for Home Construction

Home renovations can be time-consuming, exhausting, and, let’s face it, very expensive. This is where construction equipment becomes a critical component of completing the renovation on time and on budget. Unless you own your own massive construction company, and chances are you do not, it just makes more sense to rent the equipment for a small amount of time. Here are just a few of the many benefits of renting construction equipment rather than spending a small fortune on equipment you will not need after completing the job.

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A Residential Construction Project In Brooklyn

Rented Equipment is More Varied and Saves You Money on Construction Costs

Depending upon the scope of your renovation project, you can expect to spend several thousand to even several tens of thousands of dollars to transform your current home into the house of your dreams.

It can take a lot of different types of equipment to make this dream possible, from something as simple as a space heater to a more complex piece of machinery like an excavator.

From a cement mixer to an aerial lift or a cement mixer, a reliable construction rental equipment company in NYC will have everything you need to complete your renovation.

The first step in completing any renovation is to create a budget. This budget is your roadmap and the best way to stay on task and ensure you do not spend too much money. The easiest way to bust that budget is to underestimate the cost of purchasing construction equipment you will need.

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Rent All You Need For Affordable Prices

Some homeowners consider purchasing used construction equipment to save money.

Unfortunately, with used equipment, especially equipment that is purchased from a private party, you can never be sure that the equipment is well-maintained. Renting construction equipment is far less expensive than even buying used equipment.

Additionally, you do not have to factor in the cost of maintenance and the repairs of rental equipment into your initial budget.

When you crunch the numbers, you will be amazed at how much more affordable it is s to rent well-maintained construction equipment rather than purchasing new or even used heavy and light equipment and tools.

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We Deliver All Needed Tools & Equipment

Rented Equipment is More Accessible

Unless you are a professional house flipper or are the proud owner of a construction company, chances are your knowledge of construction equipment is very rudimentary. Instead of scouring the internet to find a deal on construction equipment and tools, work with a professional construction equipment rental company in NYC to ensure you rent all the tools and equipment necessary to complete your renovation.

A construction equipment rental company representative can walk you through the renovation process and help you determine which equipment and tools you will need to finish the project and complete each task with the least stress possible.

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Heavy Equipment Rental Center

Rented Equipment Is Very Well Maintained and Highly Reliable

A construction equipment rental company in NYC will go to great lengths to ensure its equipment is well-maintained. These rigorous standards will ensure that when you rent a piece of heavy or light equipment, you can rest assured that the rental equipment will not only work but work very well.

Here are a few of the steps the construction equipment rental company will take to maintain their equipment:

  • Keep stringent operational records. The construction rental company will keep detailed, thorough records of not only who rents their equipment but also any maintenance required between these rentals. This includes any inspections and necessary repairs.
  • Leak inspection. Leaks happen, and if a piece of construction equipment leaks gasoline or other fluids, it can cause the machinery to malfunction. The construction rental company will regularly inspect their equipment to ensure there are no leaks. Any leaks will be repaired before the company rents the equipment to another customer.
  • Electrical wiring maintenance. Because heavy construction equipment is used outdoors, the wiring will be exposed to the elements, including snow, rain, ice, and sleet. Inspecting and maintaining electrical wiring is another basic service offered by a construction equipment rental company.
  • Cleaning and lubrication. You can completely trust that when you rent a piece of equipment, the moving parts will be lubricated, and the equipment itself will be immaculate.

Your NYC construction rental company will also offer small equipment and tool rental services. This includes anything from a socket wrench to an air compressor or a small heater. You can rest assured that these tools will also be clean, functional, and, if necessary, lubricated to ensure the tools work properly.

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Rent All Concrete Equipment In One Place

Rented Equipment is the Latest and the Safest Option

It is a common misconception that when you rent construction equipment, the equipment will be older, in disrepair, and unsafe. In reality, when you rent construction equipment, the equipment that will arrive at your project with the latest, greatest, and safest.

The construction rental equipment industry is competitive, and your rental company wants to not only attract new customers but also ensure that its current customers come back and provide top-notch referrals.

One of the best ways to satisfy customers is to provide them with construction equipment that is new, reliable, and safe.

rent a lift near me
We Hold In Stock Many Types Of Lifts

Rented Equipment Can Be Delivered

You have decided to purchase a small skid steer to demolish a home addition that is not up to code. However, when it comes time to pick up that skid steer, you quickly realize you have no way to get it home.

Instead of dealing with the major expense and serious hassle of hauling construction equipment to your construction site, work with a construction rental company in NYC that will quickly and efficiently deliver every piece of equipment you need, no matter how massive or small, right to your front door.

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Forklift Delivery In NYC

Equipment and Tools Used in Home Building and Residential Construction

You have decided that renting construction equipment is ultimately the best option to complete your residential construction and home building project both on time and on budget. Here are a handful of the most basic and popular types of heavy equipment, light equipment, and contractor tools that are typically used to complete a home building or residential construction project.

Aerial Lifts

From HVAC and ductwork to electrical and even trimming a large tree that is impeding on your construction project, there are several instances when you will need to rent an aerial lift. There are several types of aerial lifts available. An elevated platform is one of the most common types of aerial lift used in residential construction.

This type of lift is safe, can hold multiple people, and allows you to take several pieces of small equipment and tools with you to complete the job. A boom lift and cherry pickers will enable you to safely reach heights of anywhere between 40 and 180 feet. Boom lifts are typically used to safely get on the roof to install the shingles, repaint, or replace roofing vents.

Your construction equipment rental company in NYC can help you decide which type of aerial lift is best to complete your construction and home-building project.

aerial lift rental nearby
Lift Up Your Construction Abilities & Response


A combination of a crane and a forklift, a telehandler is another type of boom lift that is typically used to transfer heavy objects and equipment to great heights. The majority of telehandlers have the capacity to safely lift objects and equipment that weigh in excess of 10,000 pounds. The boom can be equipped with a variety of attachments, including a platform or work cage, a bucket that is used to carry materials, and a forklift carriage.

The forklift carriage is used to lift anything from timber and ductwork or pipes to pallets of roofing materials for larger home construction projects. A telehandler is a serious piece of equipment, and you should consider being adequately trained on how to operate the telehandler before use. Conversely, if you are working with a home improvement or construction company, ensure that one of the employees is trained in telehandler safety before allowing them to operate the machinery.

telehandler rental nyc
Rent A Telehandler In NYC


One of the most multifaceted types of residential construction equipment available to rent through a construction equipment rental company in NYC, an excavator is a must if you want to complete your home construction project.

You might not realize there are several different types of excavators available, and it is critical to choose the ideal type and size of equipment for the size and scope of your project.

Here is a compilation of popular varieties of excavators used in home building and construction:

  • Mini excavator. A mini excavator, which is literally just a smaller version of a full-sized excavator, is probably the ideal choice for your home improvement or construction project. The mini excavator will come in handy to complete several jobs, from digging for a new basement to landscaping and even adding a backyard pool.
  • Crawler excavator. When someone says the word “excavator,” chances are the picture that pops into your mind is the classic crawler excavator. This is a larger piece of equipment and is best used to dig larger holes and move more significant pieces of debris. For example, if you are demolishing a structure on your property, you will need a crawler excavator.
  • Long reach excavator. As the name would suggest, a long-reach excavator is a full-size excavator with a more extended arm. This type of excavator is ideal if you are constructing a multi-level home.

Once again, if you rent an excavator, don’t hesitate to ask a construction rental equipment representative which type of excavator is right for your project.

excavator rental nyc
Stop Digging Around – Call Rent A Tool NY

Skid Loaders

Otherwise known as a skid steer or a wheel loader, a skid loader is a small, versatile piece of equipment that will be invaluable to completing your home construction or renovation project. As with other varieties of heavy construction equipment, there are several different models of skid loaders available, including the large-frame skid loader, medium-frame skid loader, and small-frame skid loader.

The large-frame skid loader can lift in excess of 2,000 pounds, features over 70 horsepower, and is often used in commercial projects, including commercial demolition. If your home construction project is massive and you are constructing multiple structures, including a home and a garage, a medium-frame skid loader is probably the best choice.

For smaller home construction and home improvement projects, consider renting a small-frame skid loader. Most small-frame skid loaders can lift up to 1,750 pounds and feature 50 horsepower. Skid loaders are also available with a variety of attachments, including booms, backhoes, forks, tines, mulchers, and steer buckets.

skid loader rental
Rent A Skid Loader In NYC


Chances are you are familiar with bulldozers, and if you need to push, dig, excavate, or level any debris or dirt during your home construction project, you will need to rent a bulldozer. There are three basic types of bulldozers to choose from: the mini bulldozer, wheel bulldozer, and crawler bulldozer. For a residential construction project, the mini bulldozer, or compact bulldozer, is the best choice.

The mini bulldozer is more versatile, maneuverable, and ideal for novice, do-it-yourself residential home builders. Bulldozers are also available with a variety of attachments, including an angle blade, chip blade, and high-capacity dozer blade.

With any piece of heavy construction equipment, safety needs to be your biggest concern. While you are operating a bulldozer, always wear protective gear, including a hard hat, steel-toed boots, and ear protection.

Bulldozers rental near me
Rent A Bulldozer IN NYC


The initial step in any residential construction project is digging a massive hole to accommodate a basement. To fully complete this task, you will need a backhoe. The primary function of a backhoe is to move dirt from one place to another. However, there are other uses that you might overlook. For example, if you need to demolish an existing driveway or foundation, a backhoe can be used to complete the entire task.

The backhoe is not only useful during the initial phase of your construction project, but it can also be used to complete some of the finishing touches. For example, if you have a mature tree you want to relocate, the backhoe can expertly remove the tree from the ground and relocate the tree to its new home on your property.

Backhoe rental nyc
Backhoe Rentals Near Me


When you think of the word “crane,” your mind probably goes straight to the massive cranes that are used to erect skyscrapers in metropolitan areas. This is one type of crane, a tower crane, but there are other types of cranes that can be useful to complete your home construction project. Once again, there are several different types of cranes available, and before you work with a construction equipment rental company in NYC, sit down and consider the type of crane you will need to complete your project.

For example, the terrain is a huge consideration because some models of cranes are not equipped to travel over uneven ground. A crawler crane is the best option for construction sites on uneven, rough terrain because the equipment is fitted with tracks instead of tires.

Cranes are also rated for different functions and to handle a variety of load capacities. The representative at the construction rental company will be an invaluable source of information and advice about which crane is the best option for your budget and needs.

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We Deliver Cranes & Heavy Equipment

Air Compressors

From an orbital sander and a nail gun to a palm sander, paint sprayer, hammer gun, or airbrushes, there are a variety of air-driven tools that have one thing in common: you need to rent an air compressor to operate the tools. Air-driven tools allow you to complete any task much more quickly and with less strain on your hands and wrists.

Different pneumatic and air-driven tools require a separate size air compressor. Air compressors are categorized by the rate of air volume delivered to the tool, which is either measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). Each of the air-driven tools you rent will be rated with a CFM or SCFM required to operate the tool, such as 5.5 CFM or 8.0 SCFM

Instead of renting multiple air compressors, choose one or two air compressors with a CFM or SCFM rating that is high enough to handle your most highly rated air-driven tool. This will ensure that you can use this single air compressor on all projects.

rent air compressor near me
Air Compressors Nearby


Power tools are an essential part of completing any residential home construction project. However, if you do not have electricity, you will need a way to power these tools. A generator is a portable, powerful option, and as with other aspects of renting construction equipment in NYC, you need to consider which type of generator you will require.

To begin, consider if you want a generator that is powered by fossil fuels, such as diesel, biodiesel, and gasoline, or natural energy, including natural gas, propane, or solar powered. There are also portable generators, standby generators, or inverter generators. Don’t get confused; instead, start with this fundamental question: What am I using this generator to power? If you are powering a handful of power tools, a small, gasoline-powered generator is a great option.

If you are using the construction or residential generator to power multiple power tools and the generator will be exposed to the elements, a 2,500 to 10,000-watt professional-grade, heavy-duty generator will help you complete your residential construction project on time.

generator rentals near me
Rent Generators & Power Supply Equipment in NYC

Contractor Tools

To complete your residential construction project from start to finish, you will need to rent a wide variety of contractor tools. Here is a compilation of many of the contractor tools you should rent from an NYC construction equipment rental company:

  • Pressure washer. Chances are, you will not need the pressure washer until the end of your construction project. However, it is an invaluable tool for removing all of the dirt, grime, lubrication, and mud from your newly constructed house, garage, and driveway.
  • Concrete mixer. No matter how massive or small the size of your renovation or construction project, you will be mixing a lot of concrete. A free-standing concrete mixer, which features a rotating drum that mixes the concrete and keeps it from setting, will allow you to mix all of the concrete more quickly and efficiently than by hand.
  • Space heater. If your construction project stretches into the fall and winter months, space heaters will be absolutely critical not only for your personal comfort but also necessary for construction adhesives to set properly. An electric space heater is often the best choice because these units do not require ventilation.
  • Mortar mixer. A mortar mixer resembles a concrete mixer and features a large barrel that rotates constantly to prevent the sticky mortar from drying. The main difference is, of course, that you mix mortar in a mortar mixer. The mortar is used in a variety of applications, including brickwork.
  • Circular saw. Otherwise known as a power saw, a circular saw is a handheld power tool that is typically used to cut a large variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, and masonry.
  • Wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow is essentially a small cart that features a single wheel and two handles. You will need a wheelbarrow for various reasons, including mixing small batches of concrete or mortar. After your construction project is complete and you are ready for the finishing touches, including landscaping, a wheelbarrow is an ideal way to transport sod and flowerpots.
  • Screed. Otherwise known as a bump cutter, a screed is an important tool that is used to cut down bumps and bulges in concrete.
  • The Basics. Don’t overlook the small but essential tools you will need to complete the residential construction project. This includes hammers, wrenches, measuring tape, chisels, adjustable spanners, sanders, and utility knives. Buying multiple of these tools can add up quickly, so why not rent them instead?

If you are installing any type of natural tiles, including travertine, marble, or slate, you will need a wet tile saw. A wet tile saw is a tool fitted with a water pump that consistently sprays water on the saw blade as it cuts through the tile.

If you use a dry saw to cut most natural tiles, the heat created when the blade goes through the stone can actually crack the tiles.

rent a pressure washer nyc
Pressure Washer Rental Nearby


Trenchers are another great construction tool that is necessary to complete a variety of jobs. For example, if you have a massive dead tree on the property that you want to remove, you will need a trencher featuring a chain blade to eliminate the complex root system.

If you purchased a piece of land that does not feature underground pipes for drainage, sewer, and water, you would need to rent a trencher from an NYC construction tool rental company.

A construction company will charge you by the linear foot to dig any type of trench. You can typically expect to shell out anywhere from around $400 to over $1200 per linear foot, which can quickly eat away at your home renovation or construction budget. Instead, save your money and spend an afternoon digging with your rental trencher instead.

rent a trenchers
Trenchers For Rent

Construction Compactors

Building a house requires spending a lot of time digging. However, for as much time as you spend digging, you will spend almost as much time filling holes and compacting the soil. Soil compaction is critical for the integrity of your newly constructed home and lawn. A construction compactor tamps down the earth and helps prevent soil erosion, slab cracks, and damage to underground pipes.

For the majority of residential construction projects, a light compactor is the most economical, effective choice. A vibrating compactor uses both vibrations and pressure to compact the soil. A handheld plate compactor is a perfect choice if you have a small area of soil to compress, such as the soil in your new backyard garden.

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Check Out our Tool Rental Shop in Brooklyn, NY

Construction equipment is a significant part of completing any residential home construction or renovation project. Before you set aside a large portion of your construction budget to purchase any new or used construction equipment, consider renting the equipment instead.

In addition to being the most cost-effective option, working with a construction equipment rental company in NYC will allow you to rent many top-of-the-line pieces of equipment, from a massive trencher to a wet tile saw, space heater, or even a socket wrench set.

What are you waiting for? Get on the internet and start researching construction equipment rental companies in NYC. You will discover how easy, economical, and time-saving working with Rent A Tool NY can be.

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