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Forklift Rental Brooklyn

Forklift Rental Brooklyn, NY

In a city as bustling and diverse as Brooklyn, NY, many different professions require extensive heavy lifting and strenuous work that may not be safe for an individual to attempt to complete on their own without additional workforce or machine power. If you find yourself in such a position, facing down a daunting task that is best reserved for a construction site, you will want to look for the best forklifts in Brooklyn, NY, to get you the right tools for the job.

highly recommended iconThe Best Forklift Rentals in Brooklyn, NY Come From Rent A Tool NY

Fortunately, Rent A Tool NY has the exact equipment for every job. Our team has been serving Brooklyn and beyond, from York Ave to NYC to Queens to Long Island and Staten Island, for over 25 years.

As you may know, Brooklyn, NY, can be a tough place for businesses to survive, but all you need do is compare rates and prices of ours to other companies and take a look at the universal acclaim in our customers’ reviews to see precisely why we’ve been serving Brooklyn, NY, for decades and will continue to do so for decades more. Our prices are unbeatable, and we take pride in renting out the best forklift rental options in Brooklyn, NY, at the lowest cost.

When you rent a machine or piece of equipment from our team, we give you all the information you need to operate the machine, arrange to save you money in any way we can, and make the pickup and return process as painless as possible.

Forklift-3000-rental nyc
Rent A Forklift Near Me

Our rental periods can last anywhere from a single day to multiple months, depending on your needs. We have an incredibly wide range of forklifts with diverse lift capacity options and height options. Whether you are simply looking to lift some pallet jacks or doing heavy-duty construction work, our team can provide you with forklifts in Brooklyn, NY, that are the perfect lift capacity fit for you.

At Rent A Tool New York, we are the number-one, most reputable forklift rental business in the Brooklyn area, and thus, renting from us not only provides you with the perfect solution to your equipment needs but also comes with a level of authenticity that can attract further customers and clients to your business.

We have been serving Brooklyn forklifts and more for over 25 years. When you’ve been serving Brooklyn that long, people know how valuable our services are and how vast our warehouse inventory is.

Why Forklift Rental in Brooklyn, NY?

When it comes to large equipment, such as a forklift, they may be a bit pricy to rent from some Brooklyn places in the industry, but the price to purchase them will be insanely high. Unless you work in the construction business, chances are you will not need a forklift permanently sitting in your warehouses, meaning purchasing one would be an unnecessary expenditure.

Instead, come to our team and allow us to fit you with a forklift rental in Brooklyn, NY. We have a vast warehouse of forklift rental options with varied lift capacity options so that we can offer you services and rentals that can help to save you and your Brooklyn business substantial amounts of money.

Forklift 5000 LB Capacity Electric
5000 LB Capacity Electric Forklift Rental in NYC

diffrences iconThe Two Different Forklift Tire Types

At Rent A Tool, NY, we offer two fundamentally different categories of forklifts in Brooklyn, differentiated by tire type.

Cushion Tires Forklift Rental in Brooklyn, NY

Cushion tires on forklifts are smooth, solid rubber tires. This category of forklift rental tires is ideal for small spaces and areas with level floors. The smooth surface and smaller nature of the tire make them perfect for navigating in narrow areas but also leave them with much less traction or grit when compared to other forklift rental options. Cushion tire forklifts will always be the less expensive of the two.

Pneumatic Tire Forklift Rental in Brooklyn, NY

By contrast, pneumatic tires on your forklift rental are more akin to tires one might see on a large truck or bus. They are bigger, more unwieldy tires that are certainly not going to afford lots of movement in small spaces, but they have substantially more traction and are truly the only viable option if you are driving across uneven or rough terrain. Pneumatic tire forklift rental options will always be the more expensive.

forklift equipment rental nycBrooklyn Forklift Rentals Available

Our team’s vast collection of forklift rentals in Brooklyn, NY, is unparalleled for a reason. We’ve been servicing Brooklyn, NY, for decades specifically because we can help you quickly and efficiently find the right forklift rental for your project. Call our team today at (718) 395-5939!

Forklift 10000 Lifting Capacity - Diesel 8' Forks rent
Forklift 10000 Lifting Capacity For Rent

Quickly Completing Your Lift Truck Rental in Brooklyn

If you need a forklift rental in Brooklyn, New York, with little time to spare, then our team is the perfect place to turn to. With a wide range of incredible forklift rental options from highly-regarded manufacturers such as Genie, Toyota, and Komatsu, we have the services and supply to offer you whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Do you offer telehandler rentals in Brooklyn?

Yes! In addition to our wide range of forklift rental options, our company has loads of other equipment, including many telehandler rentals. Much like our lift truck rental options or forklift rental options, we have a wide variety of telehandler options with varying lift capacity options for you to choose from.

What Kind of Experience is Needed to Rent Forklifts in Brooklyn?

All operators of forklifts must be appropriately trained under the OSHA rules to prevent accidents. Certified operators should be provided with adequate warnings of the hazards.

Does a Brooklyn forklift operator need to be certified?

Yes. Like with most heavy machinery, a forklift operator needs special training. Carrying large machinery without adequate training is impossible, as accidents occur each year.

Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank
Propane or Gas Forklift, What Do You Need?

Are there customizations to help in unique work environments?

Yes. Whether it be as simple as altering the tire type of the forklift rental to something as complex as requesting more unique specifications for a particular job. Our forklift rentals in Brooklyn provide a wide array of options, from electric to gas-powered, cushion tired to pneumatic tired, and beyond.

What is the price of a forklift rental in Brooklyn?

Forklift rental costs are divided into three categories – daily, weekly, or monthly. If you need your forklift rental for a substantial time, the overall rental cost will be cheaper. Equipment availability, seasonality, or even location can influence the final cost, and so can the specifications of your request for a forklift rental in Brooklyn.

Different Types of Forklift Rental Options from Rent A Tool NY

Forklift 3,000 Lbs LPG

Per Day: $200

Per Week: $700

Per Month: $1450

Forklift 5,000 Lbs – Electric

Per Day: $225

Per Week: $745

Per Month: $1650

Forklift 5,000 Lbs LPG + 1 Tank

Per Day: $225

Per Week: $745

Per Month: $1650

Forklift 5,000 Lbs Cap. – Diesel

Per Day: $225

Per Week: $700

Per Month: $1650

Forklift 8,000 Lbs Lifting Capacity

Per Day: $375

Per Week: $1125

Per Month: $2250

Diesel Forklift Rental – 10,000 Lbs

Per Day: $425

Per Week: $1275

Per Month: $2995

Electric Forklift 3,000 Lbs Capacity

Per Day: $200

Per Week: $700

Per Month: $1450

Forklift 12,000 Lbs – Diesel 8′ Fork

Per Day: $500

Per Week: $1750

Per Month: $3250

Forklift 6,000 Lbs Propane or Gas

Per Day: $250

Per Week: $875

Per Month: $1850

Forklift Rental 5,000 Lbs Propane or Gas

Per Day: $225

Per Week: $745

Per Month: $1650

Call us today at (718) 395-5939 to get the forklift rental in Brooklyn, New York, that you need to complete the project that will put your business to the next level!

Picture of Dov Goodman
Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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