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Forklift 10000 Lifting Capacity - Diesel 8' Forks rent

Forklift Rentals in NY

Are you looking for industry-grade rental tools? Whether you are working in a construction site or a warehouse, you need heavy machinery tools to make work easier. Tools rentals give you access to tools you may not be able to buy. It also gives you access to tools you will use once and don’t want to worry about maintenance.

Additionally, tool rentals give you a chance to work with commercial-grade tools from top reputable brands such as Toyota and Crown, among others. One of the most common tools easily found in rental tools is the forklift.

At Rent A Tool NY, we provide forklift rentals to individuals, especially general contractors and businesses looking for easy hauling tools.

Rent material handling equipment

Our Rental Tools

At Rent A Tool NY, we provide clients with different heavy tools to fulfill different needs. So whether you are looking to lift heavy cargo, sand surfaces, or compact items, we have the right tools for you.

Forklift Rentals in NY

A forklift is a massive powered industrial truck that workers lift and move items across shorter distances. It is majorly used in distribution centers and warehouses to lift heavy objects. We rent out different forklift types common in the industry.

Access to our fleet of rental equipment in New York provides you with a wide selection of forklifts and specialty lift trucks. Whether you want a gas forklift or electric forklift, we have what you need. Generally speaking, an electric forklift has a longer life than a gas forklift since it has fewer moving components than a gas forklift.

Below are the common forklifts, whether you are looking for something to lift heavy or place items on high shelves.


Product Name Fuel Type Lifting Capacity Fork Length
Forklift 3000 LB LPG LPG 3000 LB
Forklift 5000 LB – Electric Electric 5000 LB
Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank LPG 5000 LB
Forklift 5000 LB Cap. – Diesel Diesel 5000 LB
Forklift 8000lb Lifting Capacity One time $75 charge for GAS tank 8000 LB
Forklift 10000LB – Diesel 8′ Fork Diesel 10000 LB 8′
Forklift 3000 LB – Electric Electric 3000 LB
Forklift 12000LB – Diesel 8′ Fork Diesel 12000 LB 8′
Forklift 6000 LB Propane or Gas Propane or Gas 6000 LB
rent a forklift in ny Rent a forklift in New York City[/caption]

Types of ForkliftsBelow are the common forklifts, whether you are looking for something to lift heavy or place items on high shelves.

  • Warehouse Forklift

It is the most known and popular type of forklift. Its lifts are ideal for loading and unloading pallets. They are also suitable for offloading and transporting items from delivery trucks.

  • Counterbalanced Forklift

It is a type of warehouse forklift and one of the most common in indoor warehouses and superstores. They have forks at the front and weight to counterbalance loads. However, electric-powered counterbalanced forklifts can function with a lighter counterweight at the back. This is because their battery as their power source and lends stability to the vehicle. It comes in diesel, gas, and electric-powered versions.

  • Reach Forklift

It features an extended height that can lift cargo and rack it as high as 10 meters. A reach forklift has impressive maneuverability, allowing it to function even in confined environments. It comes equipped with stabilizing legs at the front, which absorbs the weight and steadies the load. However, reach forklifts do not require a counterweight since they feature an electric-powered battery and stabilizing legs.

  • Picker Forklift

The order picker forklift is used to pick and deliver materials for storage. They are intended to lift a forklift operator to the warehouse racks and lift individual units. The picker forklift is designed for customers to order warehouses and storage facilities since they can pick one or more units instead of bringing down full pallets and loads. They can also handle various sizes, from furniture to auto parts, owing to their versatile design.

  • Pallet Jacks

They are specialized in nature. Due to their small sizes, these forklifts are not suited for lifting larger loads. A pallet jack has a smaller footprint in exchange for power, allowing it into tight areas and carry small loads in close quarters. The renting costs of a pallet jack are much lower, considering you are sacrificing power and maneuverability.

  • Industrial forklifts

It combines the functionality of a warehouse forklift and a reach forklift. It is also known as a large-capacity forklift since it is capable of lifting hefty loads. Unlike other forklifts, it starts with a 30,000 lbs maximum lift.At Rent A Tool NY, trust us to deliver a highly functional forklift for your needs. We rent out some of the top brands when it comes to industry-grade forklifts. The Clark forklift is one of the most reputable forklifts in the industry. Having been invented in 1917, the Clark forklift is one of the most reliable tools that contractors choose for their heavy lifting.Whether you need a forklift for a month or one day, Rent A Tool NY has a solution for you. Our forklift rental services extend to New York and the surrounding areas. We got you covered for seasonal peaks, backlogs, stock-takes, and special projects with long and short-term rental options that fit your specific requirements.Soil Compactor Rentals in NYAt Rent A Tool NY, we rent and service a full line of compaction equipment from rammers and plate compactors to trench rollers, ride-on rollers, and walk-behind rollers. We are the leading provider of commercial-grade soil compactors in New York and the surrounding areas.Compaction work is a requirement for different construction projects. For example, it helps create and maintain structural foundations, walkways, roadways, and retaining walls. There are various equipment and tools dedicated to this process. The equipment pieces are uniquely featured and can compact several loose materials such as soil, dirt, clay, sand, gravel, or asphalt.

rent a soil compactor in ny
Soil Compactor for rent in NYC

RammersThe jumping jacks come in different impact force units. They are perfect for compaction around poles, trench work, and in restricted spaces. In addition, we rent out rammers that are designed for operator comfort, ease of handling, and maximum efficiency.Plate CompactorsWe also rent out plate compactors in New York. They are available with either asphalt, dirt, or reversible plates. Plate compactors are ideal for a broad range of compaction uses. The small compactors work better where rollers cannot fit or are not economical to operate, such as small pathways and paving driveways.Walk-Behind RollersThe walk-behind is ideal for a broad range of asphalt and soil compaction applications.Trench RollersOn the other hand, the trench rollers, also known as sheep foot rollers, are remotely-controlled compaction rollers ideal for cohesive soil compaction in confined areas such as roads and trenches. In addition, the infrared remote control system utilizes a line of site control, increasing operator safety.Ride-On RollersWe rent out the ride-on rollers in different sizes, depending on your preference. The ride-on double drum roller is perfect for paving small streets, bicycle trails, sidewalks, and driveways. The smaller ride-on roller is used to complement bigger rollers for compacting restricted spaces and cross joints.Compactor Rental in New YorkHire any of our compaction tools, and we will deliver just about any location in New York for a reasonable fee. In addition, our compactor rental services are open to New York and the surrounding areas.

compactor for rent in nyc
Rent a compactor in NYC

Sanding Machine Rental in NYRent A Tool NY offers various sander and floor edger rental options in New York. When it comes to industrial sander tools, our machines are of top-notch quality. We only rent our sanding machines from top reputable brands in the industry.Sanding machines are perfect for sanding wood or delicate surfacing. However, they are best utilized in smaller projects since they are not the best to remove large wood amounts. Floor edgers are used together with drum sanders to sand edges, corners, and different tight spaces on wood floors. They come in different sizes and may include a built-in dust pickup.Why You Should Rent Tools Fron UsAt Rent A Tool NY, we work hard to be your one-stop source for top-level solutions and services. Our team has almost everything you need to get your job done with a wide range of equipment and tools. So why should you rent our tools?

  • Avoid Paying When Not Using the Tools

If your construction project needs a specific tool for a short duration, we supply it diligently. However, the device is liable to stand idly after a short time if you buy it. However, by renting from us, we take the worry of finding the following user.

  • Up-to-Date Technology

We rent out recent-generation machines that perform optimally, faster, and more efficiently. Modern tools also mean more compliance with emissions regulations.

  • Versatility and Tool Options

At Rent A Tool, we have a comprehensive collection of tools for you to choose from. In addition, renting allows you to select different tools for different tasks instead of buying one, which is not economically viable.

  • Affordable Prices

We rent out our commercial-grade tools at competitive market prices. This is because we understand your need to stick to a budget for your construction needs. We also ensure no hidden charges.Most importantly, we excel at customer service when dealing with our clients. We will walk with you from the moment you show interest in our rental tools to the moment you return them.Tool Rentals in NYRent A Tool NY is a family-owned tool rental business located in Brooklyn, New York. We have been providing quality tool rental services for over a decade. As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and excellent service.If you need forklift rental or any other rental services, do not hesitate to call us today to help you choose the appropriate tool for your next construction project.

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Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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