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There are various types of boom lifts in existence.

All these booms have different specifications making them ideal for different tasks.

A knuckle boom is one of the boom lifts that exists.

This aerial work platform is flexible and versatile for wise in various work sites.

There is a lot to know about a knuckle boom before renting it for use. Here is some information you should know about it.

What is a knuckle boom lift?

Knuckle boom lift is a type of the articulated boom. It derives the name knuckle from its jointed boom arm that enables it to bend.

Its unique features make it ideal for many worksites. It has a crane that extends and turns when on the action.

Its work platform instead of a bucket that some booms possess gives the workers more room to perform the tasks.

Its turntable at the base enables it to swivel efficiently. Thus, the boom lift can navigate the platform to different parts and directions of the job site.

Knuckle booms come in different brands. They include the Teupen, MEC, Haulotte Group, Genie and JLG, and many others.

Different tasks that a knuckle boom lift performs

Knuckle boom lifts can handle many jobs. For instance, a knuckle boom can be used to perform ductwork that is hidden and difficult to access.

It can access and go over significant obstacles and also perform tasks on higher grounds.

Knuckle booms are ideal in construction projects, cleaning and maintenance functions, and electric wiring or piping jobs.

Smaller knuckle models give a better alternative for ladders and also allow free entry through building doorways and small space-areas.

If you are looking for a quieter knuckle boom to operate in indoor settings and provide quality services, electric knuckles booms serve this perfectly.

You can use them in shopping centers, airports, and other areas where loud noise is unwanted.

Why choose a knuckle lift?

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Rent a knuckle boom lift in NYC

Boom lifts prove to be more convenient for many workplaces.

Where there are a tight space and confined areas, a knuckle boom lift can work efficiently.

They have a small base that makes this possible.

Also, boom lifts can go over obstacles and in high places.

Though they are not efficient in high horizontal areas, they can go over, out and reach up to other booms.

The bug-like wheels of these booms enable them to be perfect for performing tasks in sloppy and roughly-terrain areas.

Also, knuckle boom works efficiently in indoors places. Electric knuckle booms are the best for this setting.

Besides, knuckle boom lifts are popular in construction sites as their cranes are ideal for transporting huge loads from one location to another. Also, these cranes are functional for stacking items in high places and shelves.

Operating a knuckle boom

Not every individual can operate a boom lift. It requires licenses and a certified professional to operate this equipment.

An accredited expert has the skills and ability to check the shifts, recognize hazards that may lead to accidents, and also assess the work sites.