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Due to the decrease in the Lull telehandlers, they have become a rare commodity in the market. The combined cost of manufacturing and marketing is becoming too high that people cannot afford it. So, what is your solution if you need to use it in construction or installation in top places, and cannot afford to buy one? Well, that is where Rent A Tool comes to play. We already have the tools; all you need is to visit our shops.

“When I went to look for a telehandler to use in the new apartment construction project I got. I know by now I should have bought one for my company, but the perks of hiring one outweigh the cost of me buying one for my company. Not only is the Lull telehandler rental a good service that saves me cash, but it also helps me in decongesting my construction site. With one, I no longer need to have a forklift, an excavator, or even a crane for the lower floors.” Said one of our clients when asked why he chooses to rent a lull telehandler

Why a Lull Telehandler?

telehandler lull rental ny

Telehandler lift rental in NY

Tele handlers are critical, especially when it comes to decongestion in a construction site. Instead of having too many pieces of equipment, a telehandler will do most of the things on-site. From lifting to manipulative devices such as grabs. All that is needed is to fit the tools to perform those tasks. It also has an extendable arm hence can work on higher floors without much hustle


Depending on the expected weight to be lifted or work to be done telehandlers come in a wide variety. At Rent A Tool, we offer the very best to meet our customer’s needs. Very much importance should be placed here to ensure there is maximum productivity at your site. Tele handlers can be applicable in not only agricultural farms but also construction sites.


Productivity and time go hand in hand. Depending on the workload at hand, you need to choose the best telehandler to much the demand. Of importance also is the number of telehandlers on-site doing work. You will need professional help to decide how many and which telehandlers are best for the job. At Rent A Tool, we have experienced operators to help you through the process of renting. With their year of experience and vast knowledge in all matters telehanders, you can rest assured of good advice.


The key to a productive workday is the labor force available. Good workers lead to good results. It is therefore paramount to have the right operators to man your telehandlers. If for one reason or the other, you do not have the right operators for the job, we shall provide one for you. At Rent A Tool, we take pride in our operators and our customers’ satisfaction. They are not only responsible but have experience. Besides, they have been well trained to meet the customer’s needs.

Terrain conditions

Without a doubt, lull telehandlers are for rough road conditions. This fact aside, they have some limitations which you should not take lightly. Depending on the agricultural or construction site terrain, you should choose a telehandler that will navigate there with minimal stress on it.

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Rent a Boom Lift in NY

Why consider lull telehandlers rental in NYC?

Renting a telehandler might seem like such a costly thing to do, but if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, then this is the best thing to do. How can the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of owning one? If you own a telehandler and for one reason or another, it is out of service. This is maybe because or servicing or routine maintenance, or it is out for repairs, then renting one to act in its place makes more sense. If your need is only temporary and you will have no use for the telehandler for a very long time. Therefore, lull telehandler rental is advantageous. Or if you do not have the money to buy one, so you rent one till you have enough finances to buy yourself one, then that is advantageous. Or if you want to meet seasonal demand.

If you worry that you will not receive the value for your money, then you should try out our services. from top notch professionalism to the best rental rates, Rent A Tool is the best place to be. Also, we offer you free field survey to determine which of our Lull telehandlers rental services will suit you best. Call us today if you are looking to save a lot in your new construction project.