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12X9 Rammer Compactor NYC

  • » Per Day: $85
  • » Per Week: $297.5
  • » Per Month: $670


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This is a specialized piece of equipment developed to compact concrete. The rammer head is mounted on the end of the boom (or stick) and via a hydraulic power pack. This enables the user to adjust the pressure used when ramming into place. Unlike other types of compactor that use some form of plate or roller, which drives the material into place, the rammer head of a rammer moves material (usually concrete) away from its face as it moves forward.

The rammer compactor often consists of

  • A power pack provides high-pressure hydraulic fluid to the rammer head via hoses and valves at the operator’s station.
  • The arm, or boom, pivots at the “A” frame allowing the user to raise, lower, and swivel the rammer head side-to-side or up and down.
  • A secondary arm or stabilizer bar provides additional stability to the machine when in use. This is often made of steel welded tubing bolted together and fitted with adjustable feet to help keep the rammer in a vertical position.
  • The rammer head is usually manufactured from steel or aluminum and is in the form of a single wedge (as shown in the picture), double wedge, V-shaped wedge, or even T-shaped wedges at either end.
  • Hydraulic cylinders supply the power to raise and lower the rammer head.
  • The bucket within the top of the rammer head is used for compaction operations such as vertical compaction (VC), low-density blows, and end compaction in wall panels. Most buckets have a dust removal feature, either with an attached vacuum or a water jet.
  • The remote control enables the user to operate all functions safely and is usually mounted within easy reach of the operator.

Rammer compactor key features

The key feature of a rammer compactor is that it can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions. However, there are limitations concerning the angles at which a rammer head may be used. These are usually specified in the machine’s operating manual but may vary depending on the manufacturer of the equipment.

Vertical compaction is when the rammer head is held in an upright position and pushed into the material to compact it with pressure. Vertical compaction can also be achieved by holding the rammer horizontally with the toe of the rammer head being pushed down. Low-density blows are achieved by holding the rammer at an angle that will only compact the material on one side with pressure; this operation is typically performed with a V- or T-shaped rammer head.

Horizontal compaction is when the rammer head is held horizontally and pushed into the material to compact it with pressure. The angle at which this compaction usually takes place is around 45 degrees when using a single wedge-shaped rammer head but will vary depending on machine design and manufacturer.

How to use a rammer compactor?

The rammer compactor is used to compact concrete on the formwork on structure sites. It can also be used for other applications on some types of construction projects, performing functions such as vertical compaction, low-density blows, and end compaction in wall panels.

Ensure All Safety Precautions are Taken

Before operating a rammer compactor, make sure you take all necessary safety precautions. These might include:

  1. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmets and earplugs.
  2. Checking that the area is free from possible hazards.
  3. Keeping children and pets away.
  4. Putting up warning signs, avoiding ground conditions with steep slopes or wet surfaces.

Prepare the Rammer Compactor

Make sure that all hoses and connections are correctly connected. Also, check if the rammer compactor’s bucket needs to be attached before use.

Operate the Rammer Compactor Correctly

Operating a rammer compactor requires using both hands, one on the remote control or controller and the other on the rammer head or arm. If a bucket with a water jet is being used, ensure that the water pressure is set at a safe level to avoid injuries from splashing. To prevent damage to gears and mechanical components, operate the rammer compactor only when it’s in an upright position. Also, always ensure that you have a firm grip on the machine in any sudden movement.

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