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AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier Rental

  • » Per Day: $75
  • » Per Week: $262.5
  • » Per Month: $650


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One of the main functions of the AQUATRAP® AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier is to provide clean air. The AQUATRAP® tackles this by using an AquaTrap that collects moisture away from the air.

The AQUATRAP® also provides a lot of comfort for your home or place of business. It has a built-in timer, so you can set it up to turn off at night automatically. This helps keep all your electronic devices safe and reduces utility costs.

The AQUATRAP® also has an ionizer, which is excellent for your comfort and kills germs without using harsh chemicals.

The AQUATRAP® is designed to be space-efficient so that it can work in tight areas with ease. It’s CDRH Class 2 safety certified and LGR certified. That means it’s safe to work around, even with pets and children.

Dehumidification performance features

  • This low-profile unit is perfect for locations with height restrictions—for example, attics or rooms where floor space is limited.
  • The water bucket is easily removed without the need to move the unit.
  • Rugged and durable construction makes handling and moving this dehumidifier easy and safe. Ideal for use in tough conditions such as boats and RVs.
  • Large wheels make transportation even more effortless.

Convenience features include

  • The AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier is easy to move from room to room thanks to large casters. Just roll the unit where you need it most.
  • Choose between continuous operation and automatic shut-off to save energy.
  • Easily clean the air with a touch of a button on the easy-clean filter. This unit has a large capacity for continuous operation on moderate settings or daily, intermittent operation on lower settings.
  • The low-temperature process prevents frost build-up and helps reduce the risk of freezing.
  • Electronic controls make operation easy and intuitive.
  • Designed and built in North America, this dehumidifier is backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • This unit will extract up to 250 pints per day if you seek a larger unit for demanding jobs.

How to use the AQUATRAP AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier?

The AQUATRAP® works best in warm, dry climates with relative humidity between 30 and 60 percent. It will work well in higher humidity areas, though it may need to run more often than usual.

To use this unit effectively:

  • Put the dehumidifier on a hard and level surface that’s close enough to an outlet so the cord doesn’t get in your way.
  • Plug it in, turn it on, and set the desired humidity level with the humidistat control.
  • Use the continuous mode to run until you want to shut off the unit or use daily modes for short-term periods of operation. The AQUATRAP® is designed to dehumidify up to 80 pints of air per day.
  • Clean the filter and the pan regularly for best results every time.

What do customers say about this unit?

“This is a good quality, sturdy machine that works well in our home office to help keep humidity levels down.”

“It’s the perfect dehumidifier for a tight space, and it works really well.”

“The bucket is easy to remove and has a great spout for pouring out the water. I like the small size and large wheels.”

“When this unit is running, we can actually hear how much moisture it removes from the air.”

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