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Scissor Lift 19 ft Rental

  • » Per Day: $95
  • » Per Week: $300
  • » Per Month: $700


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Rent A Tool offers a unique and innovative solution for those who need an elevated work platform but don’t have the space. The company’s battery-powered “mini” scissor lifts are designed specifically to fit through standard doorways with ease, even when fully extended!

These electric devices provide all of your needs in one package

They’re compact enough so you can take them anywhere productive because this type of lift gives maximum leverage over any job site or surface condition imaginable yet is easy enough that anyone could operate them successfully on their own.

How tall is a 19ft scissor lift?

With the 19 ft. model, you’ll be able to extend it up to 19ft high while still being able to move through a standard doorway which is perfect for people who need to reach high places but either don’t have the room or don’t want to deal with a traditional scissor lift that takes up an entire room.

19ft scissor lift specification


  • Number of batteries – 4
  • Voltage – 24V


  • Weight operating – 2,703 lb
  • Hydraulic system fluid cap – 3.8 gallon
  • Maximum speed – 2.6 mph
  • Tire size – 12X4.5X8


  • Maximum working height – 25ft
  • Capacity – up to 500 lb
  • Width – 2ft 6 inches
  • Length – 6ft


  • Maximum height – 19 ft
  • Width – 29.2 inches
  • Length – 64.3 inches
  • Deck extension – 35.9 inches

19 ft Scissor Lift Rental

19 ft Scissor Lift Rental engineered to provide easy access platform height.
When you hire a scissor lift of 19′, you’ll get an approximate height of 2 story building. The platform will be 19′ max.
Usually, scissor lift hire is used for high ceiling halls to replace chandeliers, tuckpointing, etc.

Lift rental provides full electric power in the air; at the same time, you feel secure while working in heights.
The scissor lift is meant to work on flat surfaces only. Otherwise, it won’t go up more than 6 ft in total.
This is an electric scissor lift, and the battery could charge through the regular outlet.

  • Safety products are available for purchase in-store & online.
  • Power Tools available for purchase in-store & online.

More about Scissor Lift rental

  • We stock a wide selection of Equipment Accessories
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  • Call us today to order or check availability
  • Rent A Tool 718-395-5939 Located at 765 E New York Ave. Brooklyn NY 11203

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