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20 Inch Floor Buffer

  • » Per Day: $35
  • » Per Week: $122.5
  • » Per Month: $367.5


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Suppose you need a great machine that performs wonderfully and is easily capable of polishing floors, buffering wood, scrubbing vinyl, and even cleaning commercial, marble & mosaic tiles. In that case, Rent-A-Tool NY’s 20-inch floor buffer is the perfectly made tool for you.

floor buffer rental in queens ny
Need a machine for Buffing Floors? We Offer Competitive Pricing on All of Our Rental Equipment!

tool rental brooklynRent-A-Tool NY’s Floor Machine Stock

Our team at Rent-A-Tool NY has plenty of options in our full line of stock that can deliver heavy-duty cleansing results at an affordable price, but chief among these options is the 20-inch floor buffer. This floor machine is one of our stock’s most experienced cleaners, which has proven time and time again that it works flawlessly under even the most extreme of circumstances, from hard floor machine tasks to carpet cleansing.

How to Clean After the Construction Dust Settled

From regular apartment building cleaning tasks to use by the house janitorial crew to clearing out construction dust after it has settled all over and gently yet thoroughly cleaning the floors of a recently renovated school, this floor buffer is more than equipped for the job.

floor buffer functionalityThe Remarkable Versatility of the Floor Buffer

This floor machine is a gold medal winner for a reason. From carpet to hard floor and everything in between, this is one of the very best floor buffers on the market. With glowing reviews from Rent-A-Tool NY renters and customers who purchase it alike, this floor machine is beloved by all who have used it for its unique power, frame, accessories, and easily accessible controls.

This Floor Buffer is Powerful Enough to Clean All the Floors

Engineered with a triple planetary gear box, this floor machine is powerful enough to handle all of the toughest floor cleaning jobs you could possibly throw at it. This heavy-duty floor buffer does everything from concrete to hardwood flooring with diligence and care.

horse power floor buThe Horse-Power of Dual Capacitors

The floor machine comes equipped with dual capacitors, which work together to allow for high-friction start-ups, which allow for much greater cleaning capabilities when it comes to scrubbing, buffing, or stripping any type of hard floor surface.

This gold medal winner of a buffer runs on 175 RPM rotary floor machine power and is made solely in the United States of America. This homegrown tool is just one of many options Rent-A-Tool NY offers that provide proven reliability at an exceedingly affordable price.

rent a floor bufferThe Beauty and Utility of the Design

Thanks in large part to the high-end materials it is forged from, this floor machine will hold up incredibly well over time, both in terms of its appearance and usefulness. With its innate beauty and professional appearance, Rent-A-Tool NY can help you look like a steadfast professional when you walk onto the scene with this rotary floor buffer.

In addition to being a modern marvel in and of itself in terms of its own design, this floor machine also helps ensure that the area you’re cleaning remains beautiful and spotless as well, because not only is it a high-powered and efficient tool; its design also goes to great lengths to ensure that no damage is done to the surrounding area.

pad driver iconThe Power of the Pad Driver

This floor machine comes with numerous accessories, one of the most prominent among them being its non-marking PVC bumper, which prevents the 20-inch rotary floor buffer pad from causing any potential wanton damage to walls or furniture which might be near its wide scrubbing path.

Low Current Price and Ease of Use

On top of this, the floor machine is designed for maximum smooth operation and even comes with highly adjustable wheels to ensure it has the most flexibility imaginable. All of this makes the tool much safer and more efficient to use in a hallway, an apartment building, or many other common areas. Regardless of the valuables nearby, you can count on this floor machine to get the job done right.

technical supoprtThe Technical Assets of the Tool

Constructed with a 1.5 hp motor, the aforementioned triple planetary steel transmission gears, and its iconic dual capacitor start, this industrial floor machine is more prepared than any other to perform such a high-octane cleansing job.

The 20-inch floor pad is part of a larger multi-purpose industrial strength floor machine that is guaranteed to have a long life due to its carefully curated brushes and pads, as well as the strength and reliability of its 1.5 hp motor. It has a deck that actively protects the brush/pad that is spinning at 175 RPM, providing a safe environment for you and the tool itself while it is in use.

highly recommended iconThis Floor Machine Comes Highly Recommended

More so than any other floor machine in Rent-A-Tool NY’s inventory, this 20″ floor buffer comes highly recommended. Its reviews are full of praise from renters who found it turned what was once several hours-long jobs into a brief snippet of time. American Workers declared the tool a gold medal winner for its insane value to customers, calling it the smartest and best purchase one could make.

five star reviews iconGlowing Reviews from Tent Rental Business and Beyond

With its highly-powered 1.5 hp motor, lengthy and flexible power cord, versatile brush and pad setup, and capability for both low-speed and high-speed floor machine work, it’s not a surprise that contractors and customers absolutely love these floor buffers.

The Rental Price of a Floor Buffer at Rent-A-Tool NY

At Rent-A-Tool NY, we do everything we can to give you the best possible value on tool rental deals to get the job done. That’s why our current rental price on a floor machine like this one starts at a low price of only $35 per day.

rental per week or monthRental Prices for a Week or Month

If you are looking to rent for a longer period of time, we also offer low prices, such as the current price of the week-long rental period, which is $122.50, or the current price of the month-long rental period, which is $367.50.

The original price for most of these rental periods at most other retailers is substantially higher, considering that this floor machine sells for over $1,300.

great valueThe Value of Renting from Rent-A-Tool NY

Beyond just a tremendous current price that entirely trumps the original price at most hardware stores, Rent-A-Tool NY also ensures that your floor machine is stocked with all it might need. Rent-A-Tool NY has got you covered, from a pad driver to a pad holder to multiple alternate brush and pad options.

1.5 hp Motor-Powered with Pads to Spare

With quick and efficient shipping options, Rent-A-Tool NY can get this tool in your hands within days. The 1.5 hp motor-powered scrubbing machine can tackle everything from hard floor machine tasks to carpet cleansing, all while staying in line with its 20-inch scrubbing path and preserving the safety and integrity of the space around it.

Effective and Efficient Scrubbing Path

For as wide and effective as its 20-inch scrubbing path is, the tool is also insanely precise and easily maneuvered, making for a potent combination. Its pad driver can alternate between low-speed and high-speed floor machine work. We paired it with the sheer variety of Pad Driver CleanFreak® and brush combinations made available at Rent-A-Tool NY shop in Brooklyn.

call rent a tool brooklyn nyCall Rent A Tool NY

Our team at Rent-A-Tool NY always encourages our customers to do as much research as possible on the items they’re looking into to ensure they know exactly what they’re renting. Rent-A-Tool NY is proud to offer this floor machine at its current rental price, considerably lower than other equipment rental stores in Brooklyn, NY. So, if you need to rent one unit or more, give us a call at (718) 395-5939!

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