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26 FT Scissor Lift

  • » Per Day: $150
  • » Per Week: $500
  • » Per Month: $1100


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How much would it cost to rent from Rent A Tool a 26′ scissor lift?

The cost to rent a scissor lift varies depending on the size of the scissor lift and the location. For example, Rent A Tool rents a 26′ scissor lift for $135 per day. Rent A Tool is a company that specializes in renting tools for clearing out garages, attics, or even heavy-duty landscaping jobs or any other job you may need for.

How much does a 26-foot scissor lift weight?

The weight of a 26-foot scissor lift depends on the manufacturer and model. Rent A Tool, for example, shows that its Rent a 26′ Scissor Lift weighs 2,335 pounds with a lifting capacity of 1,750 pounds.

Where are Rent A Tools located in NYC?

Rent A Tool’s store is located at 765 E New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, New York.

List of Pros & Cons about 26 FT Scissor


  • Rent A Tool Rent a 26′ Scissor Lift costs $135 for 24 hours
  • Renting a 26′ Scissor Lift from Rent, A Tool with an additional fee includes delivery and pickup
  • it’s one of the best 26 FT Scissor in NYC


  • If it breaks down, you may be liable for damage
  • it may take a few days to deliver, depending on where you live in NYC

Client reviews

Mike R. – Brooklyn, NY

Rent A Tool Rent a 26′ Scissor Lift has been one of the most reliable and easy ways to get around town. I always rent from Rent A Tool as much as possible because their service is so good.

Linda Y. – Manhattan, NY

Rent A Tool is one of the best things is that you get a delivery and pickup when you rent a lift, even for 24 hours or more! I rented a 26′ scissor lift for my house in Brooklyn, NY. Renting the tool was pretty easy – all I had to do was call them up, order the product, then they showed up with the 26′ scissor lift I wanted within just one day!!!

Get an affordable service at Rent A Tool Rent.

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