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32′ X 68″ SL w/Level Jacks – Diesel

  • » Per Day: $300
  • » Per Week: $900
  • » Per Month: $1950

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Rent a 32′ X 68″ SL w/Level Jacks – Diesel

Scissor lifts are a type of industrial lift that is generally used for material handling. Scissor lifts work by lifting an individual or an object to the desired height and pushing the object to where you need it. Scissor lifts are typically powered through electricity, but some models use gas as a power source!

Ways that Scissor Lift can be operated

Scissor lifts can be operated either manually or automatically and have many different applications in manufacturing, construction, warehousing, recycling, and more! Rent A Tool has many types of Scissor Lifts available, including diesel scissor lifts with leveling jacks!

Should I rent or buy a Scissor Lift?

Should I rent or buy a Scissor Lift? Renting Scissor Lifts only costs about $135 per day, and you don’t need to worry about Scissor Lift storage or maintenance. Scissor lifts typically cost around $100,000, so it may be a smarter move to rent one if you don’t have the storage for it!

How can leveling jacks help my Scissor Lift?

Leveling jacks help by making sure the user does not fall or trip! Leveling jacks also make the that the Scissor Lift itself does not lose!

How do Scissors Lifts work?

A user control panel in the Scissor Lift cab, a pendant control for the Scissor Lift, and Four control sticks control Scissor Lifts. The Scissor Lift functions are raising and lowering, rotating the Scissor Lift on its wheels, moving forward and backward at different speeds, operating lights, or other accessories for Scissor Lift work.

When renting a Scissor Lift, do I get a warranty?

Scissor Lift rentals do not come with any warranties, but Scissor Lifts are very sturdy. The chances of something like that happening are low.

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With Rent a Tool You Don’t Need to Worry About Scissor Lift Storage or Maintenance!
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