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45′ Articulating Boom Lift

  • » Per Day: $295
  • » Per Week: $1100
  • » Per Month: $2495

Price subjected to towing (Delivery / Pickup) varies by location.
Diesel fee applies at the beginning of rental.


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What are the benefits of a 45′ articulating boom lift?

A 45′ articulating boom lift is a great tool to have when working on taller buildings. It can access hard-to-reach areas like the tops of highrises and skyscrapers. With articulation, you can get lifts that range from 15 ft to 45ft with two different configurations for optimal use in any situation.

What is the cost of a 45′ articulating boom lift rental in NYC?

Rent A Tool’s 45′ articulating boom lifts will be delivered to your door anywhere in NYC. Get the best prices and fees for the best aerial equipment rental near you. At Rent A Tool NY, you can find articulating boom lifts ranging from 15ft to 45ft in two configurations. The lift is capable of lifting 1000 pounds at heights up to 50 feet above the platform. Whether you are a homeowner or professional, Rent A Tool has the right articulating boom lift for your next project and budget.

How dangerous are boom lifts in New York?

Articulating boom lifts are very safe to use. All articulating boom lift rental companies in NYC have strict safety regulations on operating and educating their employees on the proper usage of a 45′ articulating boom lift rental. Since its inception, articulating boom lift rentals have been operated professionally for many years without any reports of accidents or injuries from using articulating boom lifts.

Rent A Tool NY provides all Rent A Tool’s 45′ articulating boom lift rentals with a safety kit that includes two lanyards, a seat belt, and an attendant cable system to ensure the operator’s safety.

Why should you rent a 45′ articulating boom lift from Rent A Tool, NY?

Rent A Tool NY specializes in providing articulating boom lifts for businesses and homeowners. Rent A Tool’s 45′ articulating boom lift technicians will consult on the landscaping, construction, or any other project you are working on. With over 7 years of experience, Rent A Tool has serviced all of NYC!

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