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80′ Articulating Boom Lift

  • » Per Day: $975
  • » Per Week: $2450
  • » Per Month: $4900


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Boom Lifts are very versatile for all lifts. They can be used for almost any type of work and can reach heights that other lifts cannot.

Boom Lifts also have a very wide range in their load capacities, ranging from 800 pounds to 4,700 pounds, depending on what model you choose. The weight capacity is typically determined by the length of the arm or boom.

It’s important when renting a Boom Lift to consider how much weight you will need to carry and your height clearance needs so that you get one with an appropriate load capacity and reach height. You should also look at personal comfort factors such as how easy they are to operate and any safety features that come with them.

The biggest advantage of a Boom Lift is that it allows the operator to easily position themselves below the work area, reach elevated areas and alter their height quickly. This also makes them very safe when used by trained operators since they don’t have to be anywhere near falling objects or heights to perform tasks.

If you’re scattering the web for a cheap or free way to get your job done quickly and safely, then look no further than Rent A Tool’s website! We offer competitive prices on all of our equipment so that you never have to worry about overspending just because you didn’t know where else to go when you needed something last minute.

Here are some questions you can ask Rent A Tool’s team!

  • Do I need a license to operate an electric articulating boom lift?
  • Can I rent short, mid, or long reach electric articulating booms?
  • What kind of Battery should be used with an Electric Articulated Boom Lift?
  • Who can use electric articulated boom lifts safely and competently?
  • Are the units easy to use?
  • What will happen if something goes wrong?
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Boom Lifts Can Be Used for Almost Any Type of Work and Can Reach Heights that Other Lifts Cannot
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