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Core Drill Rental

  • » Per Day: $50
  • » Per Week: $175
  • » Per Month: $475


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Core Drill 1″-10″ Rental

This Core Drill Rental is made for wet drilling in reinforced concrete & bricks, walls & floors.
Core drill made for drilling 1″ up to 10 inch wide holes, and with a bit, an extension could reach the depth up to 24 inches.
When you rent a core drill, make sure you know how to use it, and wear the right safety clothes.
This item is a concrete drill only used for drilling holes in areas that the SDS MAX HAMMER DRILL can not penetrate.

What is a Core Drill

A core drill is a powerful, handheld power tool with a chuck for holding drill bits. It is typically used to drill holes in large objects too big or too hard to be drilled by hand. Drills are either keyless, use a keyed chuck, or use a combination of both.

The most commonly used type of drill is the corded electric type which requires an external power supply running to the drill at all times. This type of drill can be plugged into any standard household outlet and requires no extra charging time to provide the user with constant power.

They can be used for construction work or home projects such as furniture and appliance hookups, plumbing, cabinetry, and building a deck.

Cordless power drills come with rechargeable batteries that need to be charged before use. Many people consider these drills to be more user-friendly than corded power tools because they are easier to transport and set up.

Cordless drills are commonly used in construction, mainly by carpenters. Handheld power tools like the drill also require an auxiliary handle to be gripped while working on a project.

About Core Drill

The standard auxiliary handle is located below the central portion of the drill for comfortable gripping during long periods while drilling. The grip is also ergonomically designed to provide the user with a steady and durable hold while drilling.

The drill bits used in a core drill help it apply more pressure on whatever object you are working on without cracking or breaking any part of the surface. Drill bits can be found in different sizes, shapes, and materials that each have unique use.

How to use a core drill?

Before using your core drill, be sure to read the instruction manual that comes with it. It will guide you on how to hold and use the drill for maximum results properly.

Different types of core drills come with different kinds of chucks (the part of the drill used for holding bits). Here are steps on how to use two common chuck types:

Keyless Chucks

Keyless chucks are very easy to use and can be opened by hand with a twisting motion after inserting the drill bit into it.

Grip the drill handle firmly, then turn its head until it locks into place or releases from its locked position.

Holding your core drill with one hand, use your other hand to guide the drill bit into the material you want to drill. Slowly apply pressure onto the core drill and rotate it in a clockwise motion until you see an indentation of the hole.

Repeat this step for additional holes and continue working on your project after releasing your hands from the handle of your tool.

Keyed Chucks

Some drill manufacturers prefer adding keys to their chuck for a more secure grip on the drill bits.

This makes chucks less easy to open, but it prevents drill bits from slipping out of the tool while working on your project.

First, insert a bit into your keyed chuck and firmly grip it with one hand after turning the head of your drill clockwise to lock it into place.

Once you have a tight grip on the keyed chuck, use the other hand to guide your core drill and begin drilling.

Apply pressure onto the tool as you slowly rotate it in a clockwise motion until an indentation is formed.

Repeat this process for additional holes if needed, then release your hands from the tool.

Core drill features

  • Two types of chuck: keyless and keyed.
  • Drill bits are inserted into the chuck depending on its type.
  • Cords come in different sizes for standard outlets or generators for outdoor use.
  • They are designed ergonomically with a handle on top for maximum grip and control.
  • Some models come with a belt clip that can be attached to the user’s pants or other parts of their clothes for convenience and safekeeping.
  • Comes in different power ratings depending on its size and task requirements.
  • Power source: corded/cordless operation, rechargeable batteries, gas engine, or standard outlets.
  • Some core drill models are exclusively designed to be used by one hand only.
  • The auxiliary handle can also be purchased separately if not included in the package when purchased.

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