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Dual Hammer Drill/Breaker SDS Max

  • » Per Day: $35
  • » Per Week: $122.5
  • » Per Month: $275


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Dual Hammer Drill/Breaker SDS Max Rental

The Dual Hammer Drill/Breaker SDS Max Rental is a multi-task machine, performs a medium-duty chipping hammer for bricks & concrete.
Dual hammer takes all types of SDS MAX bits, from chisels & bull point concrete breakers to long hammer drill bits (e.g., 1″ x 36″ hole cutters).
We rent out core bits for this machine, which gives you up to 5″ holes for bricks only.
Core drilling into concrete is recommended with a proper machine linked here.
We sell all sizes of SDS Max Chisels & Bits Online and in-store.

Hammer Drill

A hammer drill is a strong power drill that can be used in many different types of applications. It is used for drilling holes through various materials like wood, brick, and metal.

The head of the hammer drill has a hammering action that creates impact energy that is transferred into the material to create its hole. The head-on hammer drills also allow them to be used as regular drill presses.

Special Bits for Hammer Drills

Hammer drills come with many bits that can be switched out depending on the hole you are drilling. Common bit types include masonry, wood or steel, and spade bits for boring through metal.

The spade bits are the most common for metal because they cut the hole first and then break off the excess material.

Using Hammer Drill Bits

When using a hammer drill bit, you should place it into the head of the hammer drill at an angle that matches up to the material or object that you are trying to create a hole in.

You should also always use a center punch before drilling. A center punch is a pointed metal rod that you place on the surface of your material to create a starting point for your bit. If you don’t, it will cause the drill bit to move as it drills and could ruin the hole.

Hammer Drills vs. Rotary Drills

Drilling action is the main difference between a rotary drill and a hammer drill. Rotary drills use only one motion, back and forth, to create holes, while hammer drills use both rotation and impact motion (hence the name “rotary-impact”).

Hammer drills are suitable for heavy-duty work like breaking through walls or metal. Rotary drills are better for lighter drilling applications.

Hammer drill bits have a blocky surface with raised dimples to break through objects more easily. Rotary drill bits have a smooth, sharp tip that has been ground into a point.

These drills also come in many different flavors, depending on the material you want to drill through. For example, there are masonry drills, spade bits, and diamond-coated drill bits for drilling through stone or different types of metals.

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