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WP Series Electric Pallet Jack – 4500 LB Rental

  • » Per Day: $100
  • » Per Week: $350
  • » Per Month: $950


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An electric pallet jack is a powered industrial truck used for lifting and moving materials around a warehouse or storage yard. It is handy for lifting pallets of goods.

They can be powered by electricity, hydraulic power, or internal combustion engines and use the same DC motors as forklifts and golf carts. The term “pallet jack” refers to a hand truck designed for one-person operation in everyday use.

Guaranteed tough and built rugged

This Electric Pallet Jack has been designed to last, from the strong steel frame plate to the high-quality anti-slip footpads. It can lift up to 4500 lbs and has a maximum lifting height of 80 inches.

The polyurethane tires and built-in load indicator make this pallet jack solid and rigid. The digital display shows the weight of what you are lifting so that you can keep it safe.

As well as being rugged and robust, this pallet jack is easy to use. It has an ergonomic push-button start/stop switch, which makes it ideal for everyday use around your warehouse or storage yard.

Powerful performance

This Electric Pallet Jack features an AC motor for powerful, reliable performance. It has four speeds so that you can select your optimum speed for your specific application.

The four-wheel drive and anti-tip wheels make this electric pallet jack very stable. This makes it ideal for professional use and allows you to work confidently, knowing that your load is secure.

The top choice by operators

This Electric Pallet Jack has been designed to keep your operators happy. It has a long-lasting lifetime with little required maintenance, meaning that it can be relied upon to work hard for you all day, every day.

Outstanding stability system

This Electric Pallet Jack has four anti-tip wheels at the front of the pallet jack to make it highly stable. It also features an automatic pump that lifts it off the floor, ideal for low clearances and bare floors.

It can be used either set on top of one another or beside each other, depending on the configuration of your warehouse.

Key options

  • Onboard charger
  • Load backrest
  • Keyless switch
  • Drive/ tow switch

Electric pallet jack specs:

  • Load capacity: 4500 lb
  • Width overall: 27.9″
  • Head length: 20.2″-24.4″
  • Electric power: 72-300 Ah
  • Nominal fork length: 36″/ 42″/ 48″
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