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Clark Diesel Forklift Rental – 10,000 LBS

  • » Per Day: $425
  • » Per Week: $1275
  • » Per Month: $2995


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A Clark forklift is primarily used for moving loads in an environment that has limited space. It is usually used in warehouses, factory yards, or large retail stores with heavy or tall storage racks.

This Clark diesel forklift can reach more than 40 feet and travel at a top speed of 40 miles per hour. It has 8 feet long forks with two 5 feet wide pallets and can lift to 10,000 pounds before refueling. The forklift itself weighs around 10,000 pounds.

Diesel Forklifts – Advantages in the Marketplace

While most forklifts are powered by electricity or battery, a new type of power is gaining popularity – the diesel forklift.

This type of forklift generally has a longer operating radius and can carry heavier loads than most other types of lift trucks. There are advantages to using a diesel forklift over an electric model:

More power capabilities

Diesel forklifts have a more comprehensive range of power capabilities compared to battery or electric models. It is not limited in its voltage, so it can provide more power when lifting heavier materials. This allows for an increased load capacity and reduced weight on the driver when lifting higher loads.

Increased productivity

Diesel forklifts are also more efficient than other types of forklifts. They can complete several tasks in a day without requiring time to recharge or replace the battery, which electric models need. Apart from being faster at completing work, diesel forklift trucks are also quieter while operating. Smoke and fumes are also reduced with this type of forklift.

No vibrations

While electric forklifts are quieter, the motor’s vibration can cause hand fatigue for employees who lift lighter loads daily.

A diesel forklift uses a compression system that does not create vibrations compared to an electric motor, which runs at higher speeds and produces vibrations.

This is ideal for businesses that require indoor forklifts since they do not create noise pollution or vibrations, damaging the load being carried.

Longer operating radius

Electric models are limited by battery range, so they will most likely have to be moved closer to complete the task if they need to lift an exceptionally heavy load.

A diesel forklift is not limited in this way and can complete tasks much further away without needing to recharge the battery.

Greater efficiency when traveling over uneven surfaces

Electric lift trucks are much less efficient when used on rough terrain since they need to be carried by another vehicle with enough horsepower to move it when climbing uphill or downhill.

Since it also uses a combustion engine, the diesel forklift has better traction and can carry heavier loads when traveling over uneven terrain.

Maximum lifting capacity is increased

Sustained lifting often damages electric motors; this is not something that happens with a diesel model because of its compression system.

The load capacity of one piston in the compression system remains more extended than the two electric motors of an electric forklift.

Diesel Forklifts – Specifications to Look Out For

When shopping for a diesel forklift, several things should be considered before making your purchase:

Engine power/working load

It is essential to note the working load capacity, which refers to how much the forklift weighs.

The higher the working load, the heavier it can lift. When inspecting a diesel forklift’s engine, it should be noted that the working load is increased by adding weight to both the front and rear of the machine; this increases its maximum capacity.

Maximum reach height

It’s also important to consider how high your diesel forklift can reach. For instance, a plateau (a level shelf) 20 feet off the ground will require a diesel forklift with a maximum height of 20′. This includes the materials being lifted as well.

Efficiency over time

You should also consider how long your diesel forklifts will be used before it needs to be serviced or replaced and how long batteries last. It’s essential to consider the time between servicing your forklift.

The more frequently it is serviced and maintained, the better performance you will receive from your diesel forklifts over time.

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