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Forklift 5000 LB Cap. – Diesel

  • » Per Day: $225
  • » Per Week: $700
  • » Per Month: $1650

Price subjected to towing (Delivery / Pickup) varies by location.


Forklift 5000 LB Cap. – Diesel Related Products

This Forklift is a diesel fuel Forklift with a maximum lift capacity of 5,000 lbs. and a maximum lift height of 188″. This Forklift would be ideal for crated materials and packages, unloading palletized from trucks to warehouses, convention services & industrial applications. Forklifts include 48″ length forks, and longer forks are available upon request. All models include 48″ length forks, and longer forks are available upon request. Forklifts are ideal for unloading palletized materials from trucks at warehouses or industrial locations.

What are the benefits of renting Forklifts for construction?

Standard benefits:

  • Save time and money on Forklift rentals.
  • Forklifts are available for short-term or long-term use.
  • Easy to use and to operate
  • Forklifts are surprisingly not expensive

What Forklift models does Rent A Tool offer?

We offer Forklifts in a variety of capacities and models. We have a Forklift that can lift 5000 lbs, Forklifts for special material handling, Forklifts with longer forks, Forklifts with different wheel sizes, and more.

How much does it cost to rent a Forklift for one day?

Renting Forklifts for one day is $200. Forklifts may also be rented on long-term contracts for discounted rates. Please call us to learn more!

When should Forklifts be used and where?

Forklifts should be used in warehouses, convention centers, and industrial locations where Forklifts are unloading palletized or crated materials from trucks. Forklifts are also great for warehouse loading ramps. Forklifts are not designed for indoor use in warehouses without ventilation systems. Forklift rentals can save you time and money when additional Forklift help is needed.

Are Forklifts safe to use in the rain or snow?

Electric forklifts can not be used in snow or rain. They are much better for warehouses or other indoor uses, but diesel or gas forklifts can work perfectly in the rain, but snow is more challenging and more dangerous so Rent A Tool would not recommend it but if you do, stay on high alert!

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