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Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank

  • » Per Day: $225
  • » Per Week: $745
  • » Per Month: $1650

One time $65 charge for LPG tank
Price subjected to towing (Delivery / Pickup) varies by location.


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Forklifts are an important tool for businesses, but their gas tanks can often run out in the middle of the workday. That’s why Rent A Tool offers Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank. Forklifts running on gas must be refueled periodically, while electric forklifts are charged through a nearby electrical outlet. Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank Is excellent for outdoor use because it runs on gas, not electricity!

How long can a gas tank last?

A full tank of gasoline can last about 13 Hours witch yes, it’s a long time, but you can’t be too safe! Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank gives you peace of mind that your Forklift will be there when you need it with that extra tank of gas!

Why is a gas forklift better than an electric forklift?

Gas forklifts are better because they can be used in the rain and outside in general.

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Pros and Cons about Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank

Pros of Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank:

  1. It can be used in the rain.
  2. It offers peace of mind that it’s there for you when you need it.
  3.  It does not depend on an electrical outlet for power so that it can be used outside.

Cons of Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank:

  1. May run out of fuel during an extended workday.
  2. It can’t be used in all weather conditions.
  3. Can cust more because of fuel.

“MY only Forklift has been running on electricity for a while until I rented a Forklift 5000 LB LPG + 1 Tank! I got it delivered on time! Amazing service. I would tell anyone to call Rent A Tool for any tool they would ever need!”

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