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Glass Lifting Equipment Rental NYC

  • » Per Day: $425
  • » Per Week: $1650
  • » Per Month: $3650

Price subjected to towing (Delivery / Pickup) varies by location.


Glass Lifting Equipment Rental NYC Related Products

SL408 Outdoor – Can lift 948 lbs of glass!

The SL408 Outdoor glass robot is ideal for small and medium-sized outside installations. It can drive over most obstacles on a construction site while safely transporting the load.

The SL408 Outdoor provides true adaptability. The frame and the mast can be easily adjusted to various heights, giving compatibility with different glass types and thicknesses.

A Versatile Glass Robot

The SL408 is a robotic system designed for transporting, positioning, and installing large, heavy glass sheets in the construction industry. It offers maximum safety and ease of use. The size, power, and options make the SL408 Outdoor series an intelligent alternative for many New York glazing professionals.

This glass handling machine can lift 948 lbs (430 kg), a lifting height of 145″ (370 CM), and an extension arm that can reach 48″ (120CM). It can also shift sideways up to 4″ (10 CM) for more flexibility during glass installation.

The secret of the SL408 Outdoor is the versatility of glazing outdoors and, if needed, maneuvering inside a building to continue work indoors due to the compact size.

Versatile and Rugged

The SL408 Outdoor has a powerful FWD system that is designed for driving over terrain. The robot’s lifts are durable to temperature and weather changes, and there are no problems with the inclination.

The outdoor collection is the most potent and sophisticated glazing robot in our tool rental Brooklyn, NY. Ready to tackle small to medium-sized jobs, from lifting hefty window sections and glass to external façade elements at astonishing heights.

It has wide tires, also puncture-proof, that assist you to keep working on every surface.

Effortless Handling

The SL408 Outdoor has a unique arm design that allows you to set the height of each lift individually. It means that you can change the size according to your preferences, even while working outside.

SL408 Specs:

  • Lifting cap. arm in/out – 840/440 lbs
  • Extension of arm – 24″
  • Lifting height – 110″
  • Side shift – 4″
  • Tip from horizontal – 45° back/105° forward
  • Running period – Up to 10 hours
  • Charging time – Approximately 8 hours
  • Charging voltage – 230 V/110V
  • Front-wheel drive – 1200 W AC
  • Width – 32″
  • Suction pads – 4 x Ø12″
  • Curb weight – 1,390 lbs
  • Class IP 65
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