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Glass Lifter Rental Brooklyn, NY

  • » Per Day: $550
  • » Per Week: $2000
  • » Per Month: $4500

Price subjected to towing (Delivery / Pickup) varies by location.


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Glass lifters and manipulators are specialized construction equipment that helps you safely move large amounts of glass across your home, office, commercial, or industrial worksite. One of the best models in the line, the SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor, is the ideal glass manipulator for several applications.

At Rent-A-Tool NY, we stock several models of glass lifters, including the popular SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor.

The SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor

One of the most powerful models in the entire SmartLift line of vacuum glass lifters, the 608 Outdoor model is designed to operate on various outdoor terrains. The base unit can easily lift and hoist glass panes and windows into place. Additionally, this versatile model is capable of tilting to ensure a proper fit.

This self-driven piece of equipment can easily carry and hoist glass panes and windows up to three layers in thickness. With a 295-degree rotating yolk and a much greater reach than the competition, you will easily rotate and maneuver even the heaviest piece of glass.

faq iconFeatures

The SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor comes standard with several features that will help you complete even the trickiest construction project with ease, including:

  • Self-driven by radio remote control. We designed the SL 608 model with safety in mind. The remote-control technology allows the user to stand at a very safe distance from the machine while still having complete control of the glass pane or window.
  • Tough, puncture-proof tires. The oversized, foam-filled tires provide additional stability and security and ensure that the SL 608 can easily handle any terrain.
  • Fully battery-operated technology. One of the best aspects of the versatile SL 608 is its battery life of 20 hours. You can charge the unit overnight for eight hours, as well!
  • 12″ suction pads. The SL 608 comes standard with 12″ suction pads. There are also suction pads ranging from 5″ to 16″, allowing you to lift materials of all sizes, including fire doors.

Because the SmartLift SL 608 is fully electric and does not feature any hydraulic parts, it is straightforward to operate and maintain.

SL 608 controller
Fully Functional Controller

Technical Specifications for the SmartLift SL 608

The entire SmartLift outdoor line is designed for multiple uses and can efficiently complete a wide variety of tasks.

  • Weight: 2,050 lbs.
  • Extension arm capacity: 2.29′
  • Dimensions: 2.7′ x 5.0′ x 7.6′
  • Driving speed: 3.73 m/h
  • Lifting cap: 1,320 lbs.
  • Lifting height: 161″
  • Manual rotation: 180 degrees
  • Drive wheels: Front wheel drive
  • Arm extension: 2.29′
  • Manual boom extension: 2.11′
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Operating time: 20 hours

rent a smart liftAccessories

The SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor is available with a variety of accessories to complete any construction task:

  • Distributor block. When additional suction pads are required, the easy-to-install distributor block helps stabilize the glass pane or window for added security.
  • Flexi beam. When there is a lack of even distribution to your loads, this flexible beam allows the users to create a more customized fit, which increases stability.
  • Suction pad extender. Need a little extra room to get your window or glass pane into place? The suction pad extender allows you to maneuver heavy, cumbersome loads and ensures even placement.
  • Suction pad for use with fire doors. The SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor can be fitted with larger, customized suction pads for use with fire doors.
  • Flexolink. For projects that require curved glass installation, the Flexolink connector is available in two different sizes: A rubber connector that supports up to 279 lbs. and a connector that can support up to 1,322 lbs.
  • Suction pad ball joint. Another accessory often required to install curved glass suction pad ball joints is available in various sizes. Contact the manufacturer or the pros at Rent-A-Tool NY to determine the appropriate size for your project.
  • Outdoor ramp. An aluminum diamond plate ramp is available to load and unload the SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor. The dimensions of the ramp are 8’22” long by 2’9″ wide.
  • Lifting hook. Need a multi-purpose tool that can raise more than fire doors, windows, and glass panes? Lifting hooks allow you to use the SmartLift SL 608 for various other applications.
  • glass smart lift rental in brooklyn
    Glass work made easy with SL 608 Outdoor series

forklift equipment rental nycRent the SmartLift SL 608 at Rent-A-Tool NY, Conveniently Located in Brooklyn, NY

With over 25 years of experience serving our amazing customers in the Brooklyn, NY, area, Rent-A-Tool NY has a variety of glass lifting equipment on hand, including the SmartLift SL 608 Outdoor. The SL 608 Outdoor model is available for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis:

  • Per Day: $550
  • Per Week: $2,000
  • Per Month: $4,500

Prices are subject to delivery and pickup fees in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, NY.

Visit Our Tool Rental Center in Brooklyn, NY!

Stop in today; we can help you determine the best tool and equipment for the job. We offer various equipment, from forklifts and scissor lifts to electric mini skid-steer and jackhammers, to ensure you finish your project on time. Our competitive rates are far lower than the competition, and when you work with the experts at Rent-A-Tool NY, you will be greeted by knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right tool for the job.

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