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Jack Hammer 35 LB

  • » Per Day: $55
  • » Per Week: $175
  • » Per Month: $395


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The Bosch 35-pound jack is a high-quality tool with steel construction and a comfortable rubber grip. It is built for durability, which comes in handy during repetitive use, as it is often seen on a job site.

The locking pin can be slid down to engage the hydraulic system and increase stability while working with this hammer drill, making it an excellent option for those who want a robust and sturdy tool.

The Bosch 35-pound jack may be a bit too heavy for daily use on an extended project, as its weight makes it tough to transport from one place to another.

How do you use a Bosch Jack Hammer?

A Bosch jackhammer is a tool for breaking up hard surfaces. It has the appearance of a giant drill, typically with a square head at one end and interchangeable bits or chisels at the other.

However, unlike drills, its primary function is to break through solid materials rather than create holes in them. These tools are most commonly powered by air compressors or hydraulics, although some models come in electric run drive or corded variations.

When using a Bosch jackhammer, you will need to make sure the area around where you are working is clear of any objects that may not be able to withstand being struck with bits of flying debris at high speeds or from the impact of the tool itself.

Beyond this, it is merely a matter of putting on some close-fitting safety equipment and learning how to use your new toy.

What is a demolition hammer used for?

A demolition hammer, or jackhammer, is a hand-held percussion drill that can perform heavy-duty work. It is primarily used for breaking up large surfaces into smaller pieces but can also be used to create holes in masonry.

It works by utilizing the tool’s piston, which moves back and forth rapidly when activated by an electric motor or air compressor. The piston’s movement is then transferred to the head via a system of gears, making it easier to apply force and break up surfaces (by chiseling or drilling holes).

What is a breaker hammer used for?

While demolition hammers can be used for various applications, they are most commonly employed in masonry – particularly concrete. Breaker hammers could also be used for removing asphalt driveways or breaking up tile flooring.

As with using any tool for home renovation, you will need to take the proper safety precautions to keep yourself and others around you safe during its use.

Ensure adequate space surrounds the work site so that loose pieces of material cannot strike someone else if they become loose when you break apart a surface.

Where can I rent a jackhammer?

If you have a large job that includes breaking up concrete, then you might want to consider renting a jackhammer from Rent A Tool NY hardware store.

These devices are usually reasonably easy to find and can be rented by the day, week, or month, depending on your specific needs.

To make sure that the machine is returned in the same condition as when you first received it, make sure to take photos of the rental unit before using it.

This will serve as documentation should any damage be done during use that is not immediately apparent or if you fail to return it at all.

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