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Magnetic Drill Press

  • » Per Day: $55
  • » Per Week: $192.5
  • » Per Month: $435


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Magnetic Drill Press Rental

Drilling? Countersink? Reaming? Taping? All in one magnetic drill press rental machine.
This machine will deliver you the perfect round hole with annular cutters.
Just connect it to power, put it in any position you want on a flat surface metal/steel, press the magnetic load – you’re ready to go!
No pre-drilling or step drilling, no surface preparations.
Features twist drilling and snap-on for annular cutters.

Dewalt Magnetic Drill Press

The Dewalt Magnetic Drill Press is a tool that can be used to make holes in different materials. The drilling press has two essential components. The first part of the drill press is the plate.

This plate is typically made of steel, and it serves as the surface that the material being drilled into will lay on. The second component of the magnetic drill press is the work table.

This piece of equipment adjusts up and down to accommodate various material sizes. A vice will also be included on some models so that material can be secured to it during work.

Another essential part of the drill press is the base. The base will hold all of the components for this device in place while it is being used.

A belt and pulley system provides power to a chuck that holds various drill bits, depending on what type of hole needs to be made.

These drills are available in different sizes to accommodate multiple material thicknesses.

For this device to operate correctly, it is vital to ensure all components function properly and efficiently.

At least once a month, the drill press should be cleaned and lubricated with machine oil. This will prevent dust from building up on internal components and keep everything running smoothly for an extended period.

Also, it is recommended that drill bits are changed or sharpened when they become dull. This will ensure the press functions properly each time it is used.

How to use a magnetic drill press?

Before using a magnetic drill press, it is vital to know its parts and how they operate.

To begin, place the material that will be drilled on top of the platen. A vice could also be used to secure the material in place before drilling begins.

Next, adjust the worktable up and down based on the thickness of the material. Make sure to secure the vice and work table in place and tighten both components before beginning work.

Using a drill bit made for drilling into metal, place it into the chuck and turn it until it locks into place. The magnetic drill press works by rotating a pulley system which turns a belt connected to the chuck. This, in turn, causes it to spin.

Next, tighten the chuck against the drill bit and place a hole against a part of the work table away from where the material is being drilled into. This will ensure that debris falls away from the area where holes are being made, so it won’t interfere with the process or get in the eyes or mouth.

Finally, turn on the machine and push down as hard as needed to drill through the material being worked on. Once a hole has been made, loosen the work table clamp and remove material from underneath it.

Then, pull up on the work table so that it is out of the way for the next hole to be made. Clean up any fallen debris, replace the material being drilled into, and repeat this process until all holes are complete.

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