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Medium Jack Hammer 27 LB

  • » Per Day: $45
  • » Per Week: $157.5
  • » Per Month: $390


Medium Jack Hammer 27 LB Related Products

Makita 27 lb. Demolition Hammer

The Makita HM1214C Demolition Hammer is powerful. It has a maximum impact energy of 1,208 Joules and delivers an industry-leading 27 lbs. of impact force at the tool’s lowest speed setting.

The HM1214C is designed for use with SDS-PLUS bits and has a 3/4 inch metal ratcheting chuck that firmly holds bits during operation. It also features an oil alert to help protect the gears from damage and Makita’s special LED. Lights provide optimum illumination in dark work areas for more efficient work.

The HM1214C is engineered for heavy-duty drilling applications in masonry, concrete, and steel up to 3/4-inch thick. The design has a lightweight magnesium body which reduces user fatigue, with less vibration and lower operating costs.

Additional features

  • Ergonomic shape and a rubberized grip for maximum comfort and ease of operation.
  • Variable speeds offer optimum performance in various applications.
  • Oil alert – light goes off when the motor is lubricated – helping to extend motor life.
  • Head swivels 360 degrees for optimal positioning.
  • LED. Lights illuminate dark work areas.

Powerful motor for tough jobs

The HM1214C is powered by a Makita-built 14-amp and 1,900 BPM( blows per minute) brushless motor. Weighing in at only 27 lbs., the HM1214C is exceptionally portable and well-balanced for ease of use.

Easy to hold and use

The rubberized rear handle provides increased comfort on the job site, especially during long applications. Like all Makita demolition hammers, it has an adjustable auxiliary handle and a step-less variable speed dial allowing greater control and application versatility.

How to use a demolition hammer?

A demolition hammer is used for breaking up concrete, brick, and other types of masonry. The most common type is an SDS (SDS-plus) model, which uses a particular hexagonal chuck to hold bits with flat sides and a spring-loaded sleeve that sits over the bit.

To use it, hold it at waist height with your dominant hand on the rear handle and your other hand either above the front grip or on the auxiliary handle, depending on the model.

With one fluid motion, lift it so that you can strike down with force onto a masonry surface. Once you have created an extensive enough hole to insert an SDS bit, put it into the opening and use the hammer to drive it in.

This will let you insert a screw or other fastener. Hold the hammer with your dominant hand at waist height and your other hand on the front grip or auxiliary handle to remove the bit.

Pull out the sleeve towards you until it is parallel with the bit, then lift until it clears the edge. You can then pull out the bit.

How do you release the bit on end?

To release the bit, grab the auxiliary handle with your dominant hand. While holding that handle firmly in place, pull down on the sleeve using the front grip with your other hand. This action disengages the sleeve from its locked position over the bit.

What are the differences between demolition hammers and regular drills?

A regular drill is best used to make holes in smoother surfaces, such as wood or sheet metal. In comparison, a demolition hammer is designed with rugged chucks used to hold SDS bits specially made for breaking up masonry structural materials, such as concrete and brick.

A regular drill does not have the power nor weight required to penetrate these types of materials. Additionally, a demolition hammer is equipped with an auxiliary handle and rear grip, allowing you to hold it in several positions for maximum comfort and stability while working.

Also, unlike regular drills that typically have keyless chucks that can slip off the bit and spin freely when unattended, SDS bits are designed to remain firmly attached to their chuck even during the most arduous conditions.

As a result, a demolition hammer is more rigid and precise in its operation, enabling you to make controlled downward pressure during the drilling process. This increased stability and the greater weight of a demolition hammer reduces arm fatigue while increasing productivity.

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