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SDS Plus Hammer Drill Rental

  • » Per Day: $25
  • » Per Week: $87.5


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What is an SDS Plus hammer drill?

An SDS Plus hammer drill is a hammer drill with an SDS Plus bit-holder. It is meant to be used for drilling holes in masonry materials such as brick, concrete, and natural stone.

The modes of an SDS Plus hammer drill

Hammer drill mode

The hammer drill mode of an SDS Plus drill is the same as that of a conventional SDS Plus drill: it can drill holes in brick, concrete, and natural stone.

Chiseling mode

Most standard SDS Plus chisels can also be fitted into the head of an SDS Plus hammer drill. This allows the chisel to be used for breaking out material, such as masonry.

Drilling mode

When the rotation of the drill bit stops and only the chucks turn. This is called “drilling” or “rotary hammering.” The chuck rotation is much lower than in drilling mode, but it is still high enough for most masonry and reinforced concrete materials.

SDS Plus drill bits

SDS Plus drill bits are shaped like a hexagon with a round top. A set includes four identical SDS Plus drill bits that can be used for a specific application.

This makes it very useful in applications that require different sizes of holes to be drilled, such as anchors and plugging for surfaces that need to withstand high pressure from liquid concrete.

Why use SDS Plus drill bits?

An SDS Plus drill bit is much more robust than a standard drill bit as the bits have four sharp edges instead of one.

The use of SDS Plus bits enables the hammer function to be temporarily stopped when drilling, making it easier to find the center of a drill hole, for example.

This is not possible with standard SDS bits or other flutes types such as Hilti TE-C etc. This makes the bits suitable for drilling holes in brick, concrete, etc.

What are the different types of SDS Plus hammer drills?

SDS Plus hammers electric drills can be divided into two types, the combination type, and the different type. The main difference between them is that one combines an electric drill into a handle. While the other separates it from its motor.

What are the core applications of SDS Plus hammer drills?

It can deliver drilling, chiseling, breaking, and impact-hammering functions. It can be used in many building and construction activities like masonry drilling, drilling in the metal plates, breaking through cement floors, breaking stone walls for insulation work, etc.

Is a hammer drill an SDS drill?

SDS drills are for rotary drilling only, while the hammer drill is used to drill holes percussively. They share the same shape and size but are different in function.

Are SDS drills better?

SDS drills and SDS hammers are not better or worse than each other. They may share the same feature, but they also have specific differences in function and performance.

Can I use the SDS bit in a regular drill?

It is not recommended. An SDS bit is designed for an SDS hammer drill only. It would damage your regular electric drill if you tried to use it because the thread in the shank of an SDS bit is deeper than that of a standard bit.

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