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Miller Welder Rental – Stick (SMAW)

  • » Per Day: $35
  • » Per Week: $122.5
  • » Per Month: $275


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Stick welding is the perfect choice for welding outdoors and/or when working with rusty or dirty objects. It’s also great because most metals can be joined in this manner, making it an excellent option, whether at a home workshop on your property where no shielding gas sources are around (though we do recommend wearing protective gear like gloves).

Miller Welder Stick

With its lightweight design and easy carrying features, this portable arc welder is perfect for the light industrial worker who needs to do a little bit of everything.

You can use it at home or take your work anywhere with you, thanks to its dual voltage capabilities- which allow users to use voltages ranging between 115/230 volts depending on what kind they’re working best during given periods.

Plus, there are also pulsing functions available, so all sorts of tasks get completed quickly without having any trouble whatsoever!

Safe & Easy to Use

Miller Welders are built to ensure the highest level of safety while maintaining simple control. The Miller TIG welders feature an easy push-button start-up generation along with low voltage protection, all of which help keep you safe when working “at the tip of the weld.”

Welding Tips for Beginners

The utmost care, being focused is vital, must be taken when handling hot metal objects! This includes slag created while welding that can remain hot after removing the metal from the welding machine. A thin glove or welding mitt will suffice to handle slag without burning your hand for insulation purposes.

How to Use a Miller Welder Stick?

When using a welder, it is essential to follow safety precautions and prepare the work area to be cut or fit for welding.

The following steps should be taken:

  1. Cut your metal pieces to the proper size and clean them well before welding. Apply penetrating oil if there is any rust on the metal pieces. Wipe off excess oil and allow the metal to completely dry.
  2. Apply a Teflon tape, also known as PTFE tape, on all threads of your welding rods before inserting them into the welding wire feeder. This will help prevent weld contaminants from entering the rod and causing clogging and contamination in your welding machine’s wire feeder.
  3. Ensure that your welding machine is plugged in and the input power source matches the specifications of the welding machine.
  4. Connect your ground clamp to a clean, unpainted metal surface away from yourself or other persons who could be accidentally struck with a hot piece of metal.
  5. Adjust the wire feed speed on your Miller welder to match the thickness of your metal. This is typically done with a knob on your Miller wire feeder.
  6. Ensure that the foot pedal or switch of the welding machine is in contact with a clean, unpainted metal surface away from yourself or other persons who could be accidentally struck with a hot piece of metal.
  7. Wear safety gear, don’t be lazy, that will protect you from molten spatter or sparks, including heavy gloves and a welding helmet.
  8. Set the appropriate voltage on your Miller welder for your metal thickness. Voltage is usually adjusted with a knob on your Miller wire feeder. Ensure that the output current does not exceed the recommended amperage limit of your manual or welding helmet.
  9. Touch the electrode to your metal at a 45-degree angle to begin welding. Push the pedal or switch of your Miller welder to start wire feeding, and then gently pull straight back as you continue to weld. If you experience problems, change the voltage on your stick welder by turning down your voltage knob until you find the appropriate setting for your metal thickness.
  10. After completing the welding process, follow the steps in reverse order to unplug and put away your Miller welder. Allow the welding sticks to cool completely before storing them in a safe place out of reach from children or pets.

If you would like to rent a welder or have a question, please feel free to contact us through email or phone!

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