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Electrical Powered Mini Dumper Rental Brooklyn, NY

  • » Per Day: $125
  • » Per Week: $450
  • » Per Month: $1100


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Twinca designed its E-series with the user and the environment in mind. The E-series dumpers, including the Twinca Dumper ES 500, feature an upgraded design that focuses on the user. The E series is more stable and safe and can easily be maneuvered through tight warehouse rows.

The electric motors found in all the E-series models are not only built to last – they are designed to provide the most power and performance possible without sacrificing sustainability. If you have ever chosen an E-powered dumper, you know there are several advantages, from the decreased noise to the safety that comes with reduced emissions.

Ready to learn more about the excellent Twinca Dumper ES 500 and why it is the obvious choice for your next residential, commercial, or industrial project?

The Twinca Dumper ES 500: A Multi-Purpose, Self-Propelled Wheelbarrow

A premiere piece of the new Twinca E-Series dumpers, the Twinca Dumper ES 500 is a slim, compact, and maneuverable dumper that can handle a cargo/load capacity of up to 500kg or 1,100 lbs. The Dumper ES 500 is essentially a “Self-Propelled Wheelbarrow.” The slim design means that you can easily push the dumper through the tightest spaces – including standard-sized doors.

The dumper is a slight 31.38″ in width and 68.6″ in length, meaning you can easily maneuver through the front door of a home renovation project or along the path at a cemetery or garden center. Low load height is one of the most significant issues with traditional wheelbarrows. The ES 500 Slim sits slightly higher, 38.42″, meaning you can easily load even the heaviest object into the bin.


The efficient high lift scissor function allows the user to quickly unload into piles, even over the high edge of a dumpster. Even when you are hauling a heavy load, the ES 500’s auto-steering feature allows you to move, load, and unload the dumper easily.

The Twinca Dumper ES 500’s electric motor is whisper quiet and can be operated without the need for ear protection.

The model’s newly developed steering capabilities allow a user of any height to operate the dumper efficiently. This ensures that the operator works under optimal ergonomic conditions and reduces unnecessary strain on the user’s back and shoulders. The ES 500 model is an ideal option for several types of worksites, including graveyards, gardens, and construction sites.

dumper rental specifications
Twinca Dumper ES-500 Specifications

Fast Charging Capabilities

No matter what the job, the Twinca Dumper ES 500 is fast and efficient, and because the motor is 100% electric, you can run your dumper across your job site all day. Recharging takes only four to five hours, meaning you can park your ES 500, recharge the battery quickly, and get back to work. The lithium battery will last for several charges, allowing you to enjoy the product’s unique functions and ease of use for many years.

The Ideal Tool for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

In addition to running at a very quiet 80dB, equivalent to a lawnmower, the Twinca Dumper ES 500’s electric-powered motors can be safely operated indoors because of its net-zero carbon emissions. Most electric-powered construction equipment is also easier to maintain and operate when compared with their gas-powered counterparts.

Choosing the Twinca Dumper ES 500 Slim allows you to do your part for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint without sacrificing power, speed, and reliability.

Twinca Dumper ES 500 – Data

Length: 68.6 Inches

Width: 31.38 Inches

Height: 37.40 Inches

Steering Height: 46.06 Inches

Height Load Platform Top: 75.63 Inches

Height Load Platform (Bottom Scissors Up): 20.27 Inches

Machine Weight: 586 Lbs

Battery Specifications: 2 x 12/ 80ah

Capacity Content Volume: 66.04 Gallons

Capacity Content Weight: 1,100 Lbs

Hydraulic Oil: Viskositet 32

dumper rental in brooklyn
Dump Height is upto 51″

Choose Rent-A-Tool NY for All Your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Tool and Equipment Needs

Are you ready to see just how slim, efficient, and flexible the Twinca Dumper ES 500 Slim can be? Visit the fantastic professionals at Rent-A-Tool NY. With over 15 years of experience serving the outstanding citizens of the Brooklyn, NY, area, the team at Rent-A-Tool can help you find the right tool or equipment for the job.

We always pride ourselves on giving our customers a fantastic experience at a fair price. Our low-price guarantee means that whether you rent a dumper, cleaning equipment, or a wheelbarrow, you can rest assured that if you work with the team at Rent-A-Tool NY, you will get your construction or home improvement project done for far less.

In addition to the ES 500 Slim, we rent out several other varieties of tools and equipment, including:

Give us a call or visit our tool rental center in Brooklyn to see just how much money you can save by renting our well-maintained tools and equipment!


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