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Vibratory Plate Compactor

  • » Per Day: $60
  • » Per Week: $210
  • » Per Month: $630

Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $3,100.00.

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Vibratory Plate Compactor Rental in NYC

The Vibrating Plate Compactor Rental single-direction plate compactor is ideal for jobs like trenches, retaining walls, and other tight areas.
Isolated vibration points create a safe, comfortable hold for the operator: landscape, driveway, and sidewalk sets, footers, and patio installations.
Before starting pouring concrete, laying bricks or stone, be sure you pack down all aggregate, soil, and debris for a tight, air-free foundation.
When you rent a Plate Compactor, rest assure you’re getting it right for a long-lasting patio or walkway, resistant to erosion for years to come.
Come over to our store today, and you could purchase Plate Compactors from the best brand out there.

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The vibratory plate compactor is a self-contained, self-propelled pneumatic machine used for compacting excavated material into the firm, soil-like, or solidified masses. This machine works on an unbalanced vibration principle to compress the soils using heavy metal plates. The heavy metal plates are secured in place with hog rings through which air is supplied. The vibratory plate is used for compacting, leveling the excavated materials at the time of backfilling. It also helps in reducing the volume of waste material by making it denser than its original form. Vibratory plate compactor has many advantages over conventional methods of excavation and backfilling.

What is a vibratory Plate Compactor is used for?

1. Compacting excavated material into the firm, soil-like, or solidified masses.

2. Compacting soils with heavy metal plates.

3. Reducing the volume of waste materials by making them denser than their original form.

4. Can be used as a replacement to traditional methods of excavation and backfilling.

Compaction factors of a vibratory plate compactor are as follows:

1. Plate Size: The size of the plates varies from 9’’ x 11 ¾’’ to 21 ½ ‘’ x 27˝ which determines the volume and density of soil compacted per pass.

2. Vibratory Frequency: The vibration frequency is around 42 to 55 Hz which determines the number of passes required for properly compacting the soil materials.

3. Plate Pressure: The plate pressure can be set from 150 psi to 180 psi which varies upon the type and density of compact soils.

How to use a Vibratory Plate Compactor?

A vibratory Plate Compactor is used to compactor fine-grained, less dense soils and materials like sands, gravels, crushed stones, etc.

  • Position the compactor in an area where there is the provision of free movement. The vibratory plate compactor compacts an excavated material into soil-like or solidifiable masses by using heavy metal plates.
  • Remove the hog rings from the hog ring rail and place them on the base of the vibratory plate compactor with the open side up.
  • Place the vibratory plate on the hog ring rail inside the body of the compactor machine.
  • Elevate it to a suitable height using manual or hydraulic jacks and secure its safety with pins provided at the bottom of the frame. If there is no provision for elevating, then use jack stands to elevate it.
  • Adjust the vibration pressure by turning the air regulator valve knob.
  • Start working on the vibratory plate compactor and move it back and forth as per the area to be compacted for proper compaction.
  • At last, remove all devices like jacks, pins, or elevating devices used for safety purposes at the completion of work.
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