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jack pallet rental nyc

Reduce Labor Costs with Our Electric Pallet Jack Rental in Brooklyn, NY

tool rental brooklynRent an electric pallets jack with a company that provides delivery service. Many customers are finding that these are great for moving any palletized loads short distances, which reduces the need for forklifts, improves efficiency and safety for any products or equipment that need to be moved within tight spaces and reduces the burden on your team.

A pallet jack lifts loads to move them in Brooklyn, NY, warehouses, storage, construction, and manufacturing settings. Pallet jacks are a basic form of forklift that can work to boost productivity by moving many pounds of loads with minimum effort and without the need for heavy equipment.

These tools also improve safety by removing many risks of injury (foot and back injuries and cuts and bruising) from manual pallet jacks. The weight a manual pallet jack can handle depends on the user’s strength–not so when you have the right equipment. Renting an electric pallet jack in New York means you’ll have a valuable tool that reduces labor costs, and you can get it today.

You can rent equipment by the week or month–however long you need for your team to do the job. We are authorized dealers for many major brands, and our convenient location in Brooklyn, NY, offers a wide selection of equipment. Rent any of the tools and accessories you need today from dealers you can trust.

highly recommended iconOur Rental Recommendations From the Many Major Brands

In New York, electric pallet jacks are a tool you can rent by the week or month, and customers are finding they provide a great alternative to forklifts, with the ability to carry a lot of weight but fit into tight spaces. There are many major brands of pallet jacks available, and we offer a wide selection, but among the wide selection, we have our favorites. We’re authorized dealers, and we provide not only delivery service but repair services as well. It’s important to rent the right equipment for the job.

We also offer pallet jack accessories such as storage caddies, work surface attachments, and wheel stops–whatever you need to do the job.

The Crown WP 3200 Electric Pallet Jack

Brooklyn, NY, customers in the construction and other industries who need to rent a pallet jack find the Crown WP 3200 to be an excellent tool for the job and a valuable piece of equipment.

When you rent the Crown WP 3200 by the week or month, It can lift up to 4,500 lbs. of weight with a maximum lifting height of 80 inches. A digital display helps increase safety by showing how much weight you are lifting.

The Crown WP 3200 Electric Pallet Jack rental

An ergonomic pushbutton stop and start switch mean this pallet jack for rent is a piece of equipment that is easy for operators to use. Four-wheel drive and anti-tip wheels add stability to ensure your loads are secure, and an automatic pump lifts the jack off of the floor so you can navigate low clearances and bare floors.

The specs for this tool are:

  • Load capacity: 4500 lbs.
  • Overall width: 27.9″
  • Head length: 20.2″-24.4″
  • Electric power: 72-300 Ah
  • Nominal fork length: 36″/ 42″/ 48″

The Crown WP 3200 has an AC motor and four speeds, so you can choose what works best for whatever you are using it for, and this piece of equipment is available to rent by the week or month.

The Yale MPB045VG Walkie Pallet Jack

With a small footprint and features that boost productivity, this walkie-pallet jack is a tool that can move high-weight loads efficiently and quickly to unload trucks, help with stocking and dock work, and increase productivity on a construction site. Available to rent by the week or month.

The Yale MPB045VG Walkie Pallet Jack rental

In Brooklyn, NY, The Yale MPB045VG is a great choice, especially for tight spaces:

  • Load capacity: 4,500 lbs.
  • Overall width: 28″
  • Overall length: 65.4″
  • Electric power: 158-300 ah
  • Nominal fork length: 36″/40″/43″

The piece of equipment has some unique features, including Yale’s exclusive Smart Lift™, Smart Slow Down™, a creep speed, and offers enhanced maneuverability.

Pallet Jack 5500 LB Rental

Our customers can also rent a manual piece of equipment by the week or month from our convenient location. The pallet jack 5500 lb. has heavy steel gauge construction and a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. It also has:

  • Tapered fork tips and entry rollers
  • Polyurethane load wheels
  • A Three-position handle design
  • A minimum lift height of 3 inches and a maximum lift height of 7-1/2 inches

We also have a wide range of accessories for rent by the week or month.

five star reviews iconElectric Pallet Jack Rental | Rent A Tool in NYC | We Deliver to You!

We’re a small Brooklyn, NY company that offers our customers more flexibility than our competitors. That means we provide delivery service. All it takes is one phone call to get the equipment, tools, accessories, and delivery service you need.

call rent a tool brooklyn nyWe Provide Delivery Service in Brooklyn, New York!

When you rent equipment or tools and need delivery, we provide delivery service for everything from drills to ironwork equipment, construction equipment, concrete work equipment, cutting equipment, plumbing, lawn & garden tools, and more.

Although we are conveniently located, you don’t have to visit our store. We’ll bring everything you need to your location in NY. Need scissor lifts? No problem. We love our customers and will do everything we can to meet your schedule when you rent from us.

Rent A Tool Also Offers Mobile Repair Services

Equipment problem or breakdown? We offer mobile repair services to get you back to work fast.

What People Also Ask

faq iconWhat is a powered pallet jack called?

These tools, which are motorized to lift and move heavier pallets, are called by a number of different names, including electric pallet trucks, walkies, or power jacks.

faq iconWhat’s the difference between a pallet jack and an electric pallet jack?

A manual power jack has a large capacity, but a lot of physical exertion is required to pump, push and steer them, so it limits the amount of weight that can be moved at one time. They are also difficult to use for tall shipments.

When renting an electric power jack, these tools have a motor that lifts and propels it. They are a bit bulkier than manual jacks but can save the backs of operators and are great if you don’t have a large team and need to do as much as possible in a small period of time.

faq iconHow much can a motorized pallet jack lift?

Depending on the model, these tools can lift up to 5,500 lbs. pallets.

faq iconHow much can an electric pallet jack hold?

Because of their smoother operation, you can move taller loads with an electric power jack and lift up to nine inches, as opposed to seven or eight inches with a manual jack.

A Tool Rental Shop Conveniently Located in Brooklyn, New York

Rent-A-Tool is your best choice when it’s time to rent tools, equipment, or accessories. We’re authorized dealers for many major brands, and you can rent by the week or month. And when you rent from us, we provide delivery service. With a convenient location, delivery and repair services, and everything you need to get the job done, there’s no reason to rent from anyone else. Call Rent-A-Tool today at (718) 395-5939.

Picture of Dov Goodman
Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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