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Forklift 5000 LB Propane or Gas rental in NYC | rent a forklift ny | rent a tool ny

Rent a forklift in NYC | Best Price & Service | We deliver

If you landed here, you probably need a forklift rental service in NYC. A forklift (AKA lift truck or fork hoist) is an electric/gas-powered industrial truck. The forklift allows you to move heavy materials over short distances. At Rent A Tool NY, we have forklifts in stock. Get the best price for rent a forklift in NY. Truly, Rent A Tool NY is much more than “Forklifts Rental.” At our shop, you’ll find many accessories and supplies for safety. We rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Don’t hesitate! Our forklifts, scissor lifts, and all other equipment are well maintained with an average age of fewer than two years. You must be a scissor lift driver to rent a forklift.

Rent a forklift NY – Get the best price and service at Rent A Tool NY.

Training & certification – Drive safe.
1. Operators must be qualified and trained.
2. Make sure to wear a helmet, safety shoes, and a reflective suit.
3. You should start the forklift while you sat on the forklift seat and buckled up.
4. Watch out and pay attention. A forklift is an aggressive tool and a high-speed machine. Observe obstacles and drive slow.
5. Make sure your load is tight and safe. Swinging loads are hazardous.
6. Do not load stuff while driving!
7. When the job is done, park the forklift in a safe or authorized area. Turn off and remove the key. Do not leave the forklift running whilst unattended.

Check out our material handling, storage heavy equip rental section – Click Here!

  • At our store we rent:
  • Forklifts
  • Panel Lifts
  • Engine hoists
  • Hand trucks
  • Pallet Jack 5500 LB

And more. We are welcoming you to visit our store. We are conveniently located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. And serve the entire area of NYC. Rent a forklift at the best price and service.

What you need is right here!

Do you need a tool? Do not worry! At RENTATOOLNY we have everything you need. We have a great variety of high-quality equipment. We are located in the city of New York, each guaranteed with the original support and security of thousands of clients who have placed on our shoulders the absolute responsibility when renting a tool. We are specialists in material handling, especially in those of elevation throughout this glamorous city. Visit us, and do not miss out on our incredible offers.

Material Handling in New York?

Look no further! In RENTATOOLNY, we have at your disposal an incredible variety of lifting tools. We are # 1 in the area of tool rental in the city, characterized by the security we use in each of our services in addition to the most competitive prices in the area. If you are looking for quality and good service, as well as incredible security backed by millions of users, at RENTATOOLNY, we have what you need.

New York + Lifting tool = RENTATOOLNY

It is not difficult to get a place where you can rent a lifting tool in New York City; it is difficult to find a place with great support and safety to use. In RENTATOOLNY, we have the experience you need, in addition to excellent service with tools in perfect condition that will provide you and your staff with the much-needed security to perform the most difficult tasks. Visit us at and discover a world of unique and unparalleled tool rental.

Rent tools with low prices If possible!

RENTATOOLNY is the solution to your problems. We have a wide variety of tools available for rent in the city of New York. All with guarantee and security seals, the same that you need when using or using any of these instruments. We are unique in the rental area of New York; millions of users guarantee our support throughout our totally positive trajectory. Contact us and discover a totally new world.

Work of height?

The solution is right here! In RENTATOOLNY, we are available to help you get the tool you need so much. It is unnecessary that you buy a new one and then not use it, now you have to contact the tool rental experts in New York, and your problems will be solved. We have great support within the market. We provide security and efficiency in each of our tools so that you and your staff can perform the most demanding tasks with the highest excellence, and above all, without any problem. Visit us on our website and discover the wide variety of materials we have for you.

A place with millions of options in New York, RENTATOOLNY.

We are a tool rental company located in New York, characterized # 1 in the market by the incredible variety of lifting instruments that we have in perfect condition for more forced use. We have a great credibility for a huge amount of people who, without a doubt, have been completely satisfied with our services. Meet us and discover everything we have available for you and your company.

Rent a forklift – The forklift you need is in RENTATOOLNY.

Look no further! Rent a forklift, and Everything you need to perform lifting tasks and more is at RENTATOOLNY, your trusted rental company in New York City. We have at your disposal high quality and safe equipment with the lowest costs in the market. We are specialists in the area with a great track record where millions of users have qualified excellence in our work. Visit us and discover a completely new world that will provide security and support when doing the riskiest jobs.

Do you have a question? Contact us, and our team will be happy to assist you shortly. Check out our flawless rating on Google Maps.

Dov Goodman
Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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