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sanding machine

Sanding Machine Rentals in NYC

Are you looking for industrial-grade rental tools? Depending on if you are a worker or a contractor working in a construction site or a warehouse, you will need tools that will make your work easier. It would be best if you considered the possibility of renting rather than buying. Tools rentals provide exactly that. It provides on-demand tools at a rental price, well maintained, and of high quality.

Tool rentals give you access to tools from reputable brands such as Bosch, Dewalt, Ridgid, and Kobalt. Amongst tools you will get at a tool’s rental is a sanding machine. The good thing about rental tools is that you do not have to worry about maintenance costs.

At Rent a Tool NY, we provide sanding machine rentals to our clients, contractors, and businesses looking for tools to smoothen surfaces.

Our Rental Tools

At Rent a Tool NY, we provide our customers with a wide assortment of tools to rent from, including sanding machines to smoothen surfaces, forklifts to lift heavy cargo or soil compactors to compact the soil in your home pavements, office parking, amongst others to increase the shear strength of the soil.

Sanding Machine Rentals in NY

sanding machine
Rent a sanding machine near me

A sanding machine is an electrical tool with a moving grinding surface used to smoothen surfaces. The abrasive element may be a spindle, belt, or disk. The surface being smoothened may be wooden, plastic, metallic, ceramic, amongst others.

Get access to our wide range of sanding machines within the metropolitan area of New York. Whether you want a disk sander, belt sander, a combined belt and disk sander, spindle sanders, Rent a Tool NY is your one-stop shop. Additionally, you also have a wide range of companies to choose from. At Rent a tool NY, we have done our best to serve your needs to your satisfaction.

Types Of Sanding Machines

There are various types of sanding machines that fit varying situations. Below are the common types of sanders.

Belt sanders

Also referred to as strip sanders, they comprise an electric motor that rotates a pair of drums where a continuous loop of sandpaper is mounted. They are handy when a large flat surface is to be smoothened or sanded. Also, when dealing with powerful and large amounts of materials, a belt sanding machine is considered. It is also used to remove paintings and finishes from wood. Since they are very rapid on wood, belt sanders are only used at the beginning of the sanding process.

Belt sanders are of varying sizes, from small handheld sanders to very large sanders over a meter long. Due to their abrasive action, belt sanders produce a large amount of sawdust. Therefore, they are fixed with a dust collection system which may be a piece of cloth tied to a portable sander or a vacuum suction that sucks the dust to a central collection point. This saves time to be used in cleaning after the sanding work. Since belt sanders are less prone to clogging, they are used to remove non-ferrous materials. These materials tend to block the grinding material reducing its grinding effect. The grooves on the sandpaper tend to be opened up as they turn around the arc of the grooved wheel.

Belt sanders may be stationary or handheld. Stationary sanders are mounted on tables or benches and are typically used to sand items that you can bring to the sander. Handheld sanders are used for sanding immovable objects and floors. Fine grit sandpapers and coarse sandpapers are used to obtain smooth surfaces and rough operations, respectively. An advantage of belt sanders is their fast action. As they are very aggressive, materials can be removed from a surface in very little time. Belt sanders are the best option for sanding hardwood floors. Bu their size, reasonably large floors can be sanded with a considerably less amount of time. To sand your hardwood floors, determine your grit sequence and abrasiveness before starting.

We rent sanding machines and other professional tools for many Water Damage Restoration companies.

Disk sanders

Disk sanding machines are premade disks of paper. They are mounted on a bench grinder, electric drills, or a radial arm saw. The abrasive sanding disk is supported by a steel or an aluminum backing plate. The disk is driven in a circular motion by a motor. Disk sanders can be categorized into bench disk sanders and portable sanders. A portable working table for holding the workpiece is fixed in front of the disk in the case of a Benchtop disk sander. The workpiece is fixed in a vice and secured for a portable sander. An advantage of a disk sander is that it’s versatile. It can also be used to smoothen rough cuts on smooth or even small objects. A disk sander can be used to straight and miter cuts and curved edges. Disk sanders are also crucial in making edges as they can be placed at varying angles. In this case, it acts as a floor edger to curve various edgings on the floor while smoothening them.

disk sanders for rent in nys
Rend a Disk sander in ny

Spindle sanders

Depending on whether you are a hobbyist or an expert working on some wood project, moving from good to superb requires that you have a part of an edge. To achieve even edges and smooth edges on woodwork, visit Rent a Tool NY for various spindle sanders.

These are sanding machines in which sandpaper is mounted on a drum that moves up and down while rotating. Oscillating spindle sanders are used to smoothen the edges of the wood. It helps sand curves and contours which other forms of sanding devices can’t handle. Spindle sanders have a dust collection port where a vacuum suction can be connected to collect the sawdust. Spindle sanders may be benchtop, portable, or floor standing. Portable Spindle sanders are very useful when dealing with sanding curves on large furniture. Benchtop sanders are made to sit on a workbench; therefore, they can be set upon any flat surface. Floor standing sanders are huge machines that are stationary. They take up a considerable amount of space and operate on portable woodworks that can be brought where the sanding machine is. They also take more power.

Sheet sanders

Also known as a finishing sander, it is used to perform finishing touches on a sanded surface. Of all the sanding devices, sheet sanders are the easiest to use. They consist of sandpapers cut into half and then fixed on a sanders flat base. It’s lightweight, and the square sheets mean that the sander can fit or sand corners. These sanders are specifically helpful while sanding wood. Sheet sanders operate on varying modes; they can operate in a straight-line mode forward and backward, similar to hand sanding, while others operate on orbital mode to a straight line. These also come in varying sizes depending on the size of the sandpaper used.

Depending on if the wood is softwood or hardwood, a different grit is used for sanding. Dry sanding with a higher grit is used to remove the larger unwanted materials, followed by lower grit sandpaper. For fine finishes, hand sanding is preferred while sanding wood.


Other types of sanders that deserve mention are corded and cordless sanders, random orbital sanders, to mention a few. Random orbital sanders and belt sanders are the best option for sanding a deck.

Sanding a deck

Sanding machines used for sanding a deck come in various forms, from orbital sanders that are handheld to commercial rental sanders. At Rent a Tool NY, we advise you on the best tool for sanding your decks and rent it to you. Patience is required while sanding a deck. Initial dry sanding is performed on the deck, followed by wet sanding to remove the rough surfaces. Proper choice of grit and abrasiveness should be considered so as not to damage the decks. The woods that the decks are made of are usually softwood; thus, belt sanding machines may not be used. The belt sanders gouge the woods be it handheld or fixed.

Wet sanding is a process of sanding applied on materials such as three-dimensional prints, guitars, and car paint jobs to give them a mirror look. It is usually done after a dry sanding. Wet sanding is done to remove rough grains left after dry sanding. It requires a continuous supply of a liquid such as water, lubricating oil, or dish wash soap during the wet sanding process.

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Safety should always be a factor while using these machines. Make sure to wear protective clothing such as overalls, dust masks, safety glasses as the sawdust can pose a severe health risk to you if inhaled or comes into contact with the eye. Kneepads and hearing protectors can also keep you safer when operating these tools.

Rent a Tool NY is a family-owned tool rental business located in Brooklyn, New York. Our services in providing quality rental tools span over a decade. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and providing excellent service. If you need any sanding machine rental or any other rental service, do not hesitate to contact us today to help choose the appropriate tool for the next construction project.

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When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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