A scissor lift is beneficial in a construction site. It enables workers to access highly elevated ground when performing their tasks. This machinery is also used to take loads at high places. There exist different scissor lifts, which have unique features and therefore function differently. They include

Types of scissor lifts


This scissor lift functions by the aid of a hand-operated or engine-driven hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil changes pressure from time to time, depending on the task, which enables the lift to move up and down. This lift requires a little training to knowhow to operate, making it an easy target for many people performing constructions. There is a downside to this lift. Its efficiency decreases with a decrease in temperatures. This is because its oil will become more viscous as the temperatures drop. This makes hydraulic scissor lifts not ideal for constructions works hat speed and horsepower is the primary priority.


Diesel scissor lifts are the most famous lifts in construction sites. Their cross-braced systems allow them to reach heights of up to 30 feet to 60 feet in newer models. As much as they are efficient, they use traditional diesel which makes them noisy and emits exhausts into the environment. Due to this noise and emissions, they should be used in outdoor settings and where noises will not cause disturbances.


In contrast with diesel scissor lifts, electric scissor lifts are more silent and do not emit gases. They have a silent drive mechanism which makes them ideal for use in indoor work sites and places with less ventilation. Electric scissor lifts are also less bulky, making them perfect for use in smaller spaces.

Rough terrain

These lifts are designed to suit the outdoor job sites. Their high weight capacity, heavy-duty tires, and safety mechanisms make them ideal for use in rough terrains. These machines are operated by diesel, dual-fuel and gas. They ca provide elevations for up to 50 feet high and widths of up to 10 feet.


Pneumatic scissor lifts use air pressure as their lifting mechanism. They do not emit any fumes into the atmosphere. This lift works by vacuuming and compressing air pressure. Since they have no fuel, they are not ideal for roughly terrain areas since their energy is not enough to run for such areas. However, their lack of diesel and other oils makes them suitable for indoor job sites.

Which scissor lift to use for your project

Choosing the right scissor lift for your project is paramount for quality services and satisfying your needs. There are considerations to make when choosing a scissor lift. The terrain of the worksite and the power required to complete the job are the major ones. Also, it is wise to consider the loads being lifted, how high the place is, the lift strength and power, and the stability of the load. Besides, the efficiency of the scissor lift is an import aspect. Electric lifts are more efficient than the hydraulic lifts. Thus, when the task is more demanding, ensure to go for a sturdy lift.