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SDS-Max Drill Bits for Tougher Materials

sds max hammer drill rentalHere at Rent-A-Tool, NY, we pride ourselves on being a go-to destination for New Yorkers needing tools and accessories. We want to make your project and your life as stress-free as possible by ensuring that you get the tool from us that will deliver astounding performance with affordable pricing.

That’s why we carry so many tools and accessories in stock (even forklifts and aerial equipment), so we always have the availability, promotions, and speed to help you in the best ways possible. But one item you cannot rent from us or any other company is a drill bit, an item you must buy.

sds max hammer drill bits brooklyn
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drill bit iconWhat is a Drill Bit?

When using heavy-duty rotary hammer drills, the drill bit is the actual ‘bit’ or tip of the drill doing the penetrating. As powerful of a tool as the SDS-Max hammer drill is, it would be nothing without its drill bits.

These bits act as an extension of the SDS-Max drill and give the tool a much wider range of potential when drilling, with different sizes, shapes, and styles of the bits giving the drill entirely different capabilities.

sds max bit iconThe Unparalleled Power of SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Drill

Whether you’re drilling into concrete, wood, stone, brick, or steel, it is absolutely crucial that you utilize the correct bit for the job. SDS rotary hammer drills are some of the strongest, most versatile, and most capable tools on the market.

They make other drills look positively pathetic by comparison. SDS-Max rotary hammer drills make even those original SDS drills look outdated.

If you need a tool that can do extensive heavy-duty drilling for a sustained length of time into resistant material, the SDS-Max drill (by brands such as DeWalt or Bosch) is the choice for you.

long durabilityThe Insane Durability SDS-Max Drill Bits

To make the most of your SDS-Max drill, you need proper SDS-Max bits. These are specifically form-fitted drill bit sets designed to form the strongest bond possible with the SDS-Max drill and get the job done.

The Pros of the SDS-Max Drill Bits

This drill bit set features special offers such as a carbide-tipped centering bit, which has asymmetrical carbide teeth layered around the bit to make for both faster, more powerful drilling and greater durability, even when drilling a hole into tough surfaces like concrete.

buy sds max brooklyn
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SDS-Max Standout Features and Variety

These bits also have standout features, such as a wear mark placed at the tip of them, to ensure the most precise hole diameter available.

When drilling a hole for your project, you need your measurements and drilling to be as precise and uniform as possible. Such powerful tools don’t usually lend themselves to being equally carefully measured in their actions, but with SDS-Max bits such as these, tasks such as ensuring accurate diameter and distance become a breeze.

Carbide, Dust, and More with SDS-Max

There are even shorter-headed bits specifically designed to quickly get the dust out of a hole. Keeping these bits shorter keeps them from causing as much friction and thus from generating as much heat, allowing them to more efficiently circulate the airflow within the hole and propel dust out.

Dust can often be a silent killer of craftsmanship projects, but not when you have such a drill bit at your side.

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Drill Bit Materials Availability

At Rent-A-Tool, NY, we know how crucial the correct drill bit set is to get a job done the right way, effectively and efficiently.

That’s why Rent-A-Tool has unparalleled availability of SDS-Max tools and drill bit sets in our tool rental store and inventory, including name brands like DeWalt, Makita, and Bosch.

buy drill bits nearbyImmense Quantity of SDS-Max Products

The size of the bit can vary the performance of the drill bit and its corresponding SDS-Max product so drastically that we know that keeping a vast stock of bits in-store is immeasurably important.

From carbide-aided bits to smaller ones engineered to perform at a greater speed, the size and style of the bit are subject to change the very way in which your SDS-Max product works for you, which is why the bit is so important.

How to Purchase SDS-Max Bits

The good news is that purchasing from our team is just as easy and effective as renting from our team. With unbeatable pricing, regular promotions, a high quantity of products, and special offers, Rent-A-Tool NY make purchasing SDS-Max bits a walk in the park.

We offer delivery to your location while still maintaining our low pricing. Or by signing up, you can agree to receive emails and other information from our team via mail about other SDS-Max products, the length of your next potential rental, and more

Picture of Dov Goodman
Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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