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sds max hammer drill rental nyc

Get to Know the SDS-Max Hammer Drill Before You Rent it

sds max hammer drill rentalThe team here at Rent-A-Tool NY is all about making creative and extensive construction processes all the more accessible to you. That’s why we offer unprecedented prices and easy access to accessories, tools, and more products via our promotions; to put your dream home project truly within your reach, both in terms of finances and in terms of resources.

rent equipment nycAlways Know Before You Go

But it is crucial that you understand exactly how and why each product works before renting one from us. So before you go and rent the SDS-Max rotary hammer kit, let’s take a look at exactly what type of machinery we’re dealing with here.

sds max hammer drill prosThe Pros of the SDS-Max and Rotary Hammer Drilling

A rotary hammer drill is a fast, effective, and powerful piece of machinery used for processes such as securing screws into a concrete wall or anchoring bolts into stone.

For reference, the standard SDS-Max and the rotary hammer kit deliver a staggering nearly twenty foot-pounds of energy per blow. This kind of power from rotary hammers delivers high-impact energy and fast drilling for drilling holes into solid and resistant surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and more.

sds rotary hammer rentalHow a Rotary Hammer Works (SDS-Max)

The bits of the SDS-Max rotary hammer fit into a concise and powerful spring-charged chuck, which then propels the bits with little-to-no tension or conflict. The result is a rotary hammer kit perfectly designed for drilling into mortar, concrete, and more with rotary drills that are specifically made to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the powerful drive of the SDS-Max version rotary hammer kit.

diffrences iconThe Differences Between Hammer Drill and SDS

What exactly is SDS, anyway? SDS stems from the German phrase ‘steck-deh-sitz,’ which loosely translates into ‘insert-twist-stay’ in English. Those three words simply and effectively describe what an SDS rotary hammer does with remarkable power and precision.

In the years since SDS has become an abbreviation for more easily digestible and marketable terms such as ‘slotted drive systems,’ the original terminology remains the most honest.

Why SDS is the Best

SDS drills are hammer drills with a substantially higher average rating value and impact energy. For heavy-duty hammer or drill-related tasks, the answer is clear: SDS gets the task done.

rent sds max nyThe Difference Between SDS and SDS-Max

So if the SDS is so effective at ‘insert-twist-stay,’ what exactly makes the SDS-Max so different? Well, it’s ‘insert-twist-stay’ cranked up to its maximum, powerful throttle. While the standard SDS rotary hammer brick piece sizes are approximately 10 mm, the SDS-Max’s brick piece sizes are 18 mm.

SDS to the Max

In other words, the SDS-Max is a more heavy-duty product, one whose bits can handle significantly greater forces and greater torque. The SDS-Max is perfectly suited to performing a tough masonry job; it offers great power over longer periods of time while retaining its perfect working order.

sds max drills typesWhich SDS-Max Brand to Choose?

The big three when it comes to brands of the SDS-Max here at Rent-A-Tool NY are DeWalt, Bosch, and Milwaukee.

DeWalt SDS Max RentalDeWalt SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Kit

DeWalt’s SDS-Max drill is the top-rated drill of 2022, according to the New York Times, and it’s easy to see why. With its variable speed dial, convenient yet comprehensive carrying case (including a side handle), and long-lasting battery, DeWalt’s SDS-Max has garnered the most unanimously positive reviews and pleased the most customers.

easy to operate sds maxThe Ease and Innovation of DeWalt Hammer

With its foot-base-style battery placement, minimal residual vibration, and precise chisel, if you can find DeWalt’s in stock, it’s an even better item than expected and does work even better than its reviews indicate.

bosche sds max rental nycBosch SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Kit

The New York Times’ previous reigning champion of 2021, the Bosch rotary hammer kit, also has plenty to love. While it doesn’t feature the form-fitted handle, reduced vibration, or foot-base-style battery, the Bosch rotary hammer is absolutely a product you should remain open to.

sds max hammer durabilityThe Long-standing Reliability of Bosch Hammer

After years on the market, the Bosch rotary hammer still remains a prominent choice for a reason. Customers continuously give it a solid review, finding great use in features such as its load max impact energy, included filters and accessories (including a side handle and carrying case), and its remarkable service track record.

This product rarely has to receive any kind of sustained maintenance, making it an ideal product for the job. Plus, it can be found for some killer deals.

rent milwaukee sds hammerMilwaukee SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Kit

While it doesn’t get as routinely glowing of a review or average rating value from customers as the DeWalt or Bosch, the Milwaukee SDS-Max is still a solid, reliable product that you can more than find a use for in your home project’s needs.

rent a drill Milwaukee’s SDS Still Gets the Work Done

To compare these tools is a bit unfair, but with its extensive accessories, drilling capabilities, and strategically reduced vibration levels, the Milwaukee rotary hammer drill is still a more than viable product for your use.

average cost of sds max costAverage Rating Value of the SDS-Max by Rent-A-Tool NY Customers

On average, Rent-A-Tool, NY customers and renters have been exceedingly happy with their rotary hammer kit when it comes to the SDS-Max. Regardless of brand, it is a phenomenal aide in every sort of masonry task, including installation, drilling, and bushing.

Why SDS-Max Tools are so Great

They are high-performing tools that require incredibly low maintenance, even when drilling and chiseling into the toughest of surfaces over an extended period of time.

rent construction tools nycHow to Rent an SDS-Max Grade Hammer Drill From Rent-A-Tool NY

There’s a load of rental places, but none of them are as flexible, affordable, and reliable as Rent-A-Tool NY. We handle our renters with the same utmost care with which we handle our products.

How to Reach Rent-A-Tool

You can reach our team via phone at (718) 395-5939, email, or visit our in-store location at 765 E New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203. We carry all the required tools for any kind of project, and we always stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry so you can compare and select drills before you sign and pay for one.

The Benefits of Rent-A-Tool

Purchasing tools can get expensive quickly. That’s why Rent-A-Tool NY is here to ensure that you don’t have to give up on those personal projects just because the budget gets a bit too intimidating. Our tool rental service in Brooklyn, NY, is affordable, and we can provide you with a full selection of tools, from rotary hammer drills to highly specialized equipment.

Picture of Dov Goodman
Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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