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Cleanliness is one of the most important qualities we value as human beings. For this reason, many machines have been created to help us tidy up our surroundings better. Whether you need cleaning machines for commercial or industrial needs, or you need to supplement your current fleet, Rent A Tool NY is a perfect place for tool rental services in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Over the years, we have steadily grown our catalog to include even some of the most recent editions in cleaning machines. Whether you want to clean your tiles, floors, carpets, pavements, etc., rest assured we have just what you need. Here are some of the most popular cleaning equipment we rent out.

Pressure washers’ rental in Bath Beach, Brooklyn

Here at Rent A Tool NY, we have a range of pressure washers ranging from 2500PSI to 3600 PSI. They are all mid-sized pressure washers which can be instrumental for either homeowners or contractors. They provide strong water pressure to get the job done. Whether you are concerned about concrete cleaning, surface cleaning, or even paint removal, be sure that our pressure washers get the job done. Our units come standard with a 50’ snap hose, pressure heads, and a water gun.

Carpet cleaner’s rental in Bath Beach, Brooklyn

Our carpets get dirty from time to time. Instead of hiring someone to do the cleaning for you, you can rent out a carpet cleaner and go to work on all the dirty carpets you own. Whether you are looking to clean upholstery, carpets, or rags, we have just the right equipment. We take good care of all our machines so that they can provide you with the best Tool Rental Services in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

Wet dry shop vacuum rental in Bath Beach, Brooklyn

It is also known as a Hepa Vacuum cleaner, and it is one of the best cleaners for light or heavy-duty cleaning, be it wet or dry. When dealing with an extremely dusty place, this machine is all you need to get the place spick and span. If the area also has water, the machine is a good choice to clean with. Although this machine was designed for small spaces, it is extremely efficient. While wet cleaning, you will only need an empty tank without the filter.  To eject the water, you only have to press a quick water release at the bottom of the vacuums. For fine dust, however, we require you to purchase the cartridge filter.

Floor Scrubbers rental in Bath Beach, Brooklyn

Also known as floor polishing machines, floor scrubbers are some of the most important machines we need while scrubbing a filthy floor. Floor scrubbers are useful because even if the floor is filthy, your input in terms of effort will be quite minimal. Your role is simply directing the machine to where it is going to clean. As such, they save you the effort of sometimes having to go on your knees to scrub off that stain. What’s more, their versatility is out of this world. They can be used on nearly any floor, including concrete, hard floors, and even wooden surfaces, quite easily.

Why should you choose us for Overall Tool Rental Services in Bath Beach, Brooklyn?


From the moment you express interest in renting out any equipment, you are handled professionally to the very last minute. Our staff is highly trained to work with these machines. As a matter of fact, we ensure that the tools are okay by keenly inspecting them to ensure the next client doesn’t get a defective product from our Tool Rental Services in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

Avoid buying

Although these machines are quite helpful when it comes to cleaning, some can be expensive. Given that you will not be using equipment like the floor scrubbers and pressure washers often, it doesn’t make sense to incur the cost. Hiring is a smarter idea since you will get to use the tool without any downsides to owning them yourself.


We have one of the most competitive rates in all of New York. Not only are we very fair in our pricing, we even bring them down lower for some of our most dedicated customers.


While some people might prefer to do their cleaning the old fashion way, we present better, more efficient rental services in Bath Beach, Brooklyn. Our machines help to make that work a lot simpler because they perform most of the hard work. At Rent A Tool NY, we make sure that our catalog of products only has the best tools, making most cleaning activities that much simpler.

Tool Rental Services in Bath Beach, Brooklyn
Wet cleaning of city streets with a high-pressure cleaner