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Iron Working Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn.

Ironwork is no simple job. It requires creativity, stamina, and grit to handle. An ironworker is like an artist. With the right tools for the job, it becomes straightforward to do their job. Even more, with the right Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, you can cut through the hardest of metal like a warm knife through butter. With the necessary machines, you can bend the metal into the desired shape and size. Not only do these machines assist in the creation process, but they also make the job at hand that much simpler. At Rent A Tool, we have all the tools you will need for your metalwork projects. Since we know that you want only the best, that’s what is in our catalog.

Lathe machine for rent in Brooklyn, NY

This is one of the most versatile machines in the arsenal of the ironworker. This machine can rotate the piece that’s been worked on so that operations on the metal can be easier to perform. The lathe is a multi-purpose machine used to cut, sand, drill, knurl, thread, bore, and turns metal. Our Lathe Machine Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, come in various sizes, so you will have to choose the right one for your needs.

Milling machine Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn

Milling machines essentially use rotary cutters to take care of the metal that’s undesired in a frame. Here, the workpiece is placed in a movable worktable where it’s held tight as the machine cuts the unwanted pieces of metal. This is one of the most important machines for ironwork because of the precision involved in the cutting.

Grinding machine for rent in Brooklyn, NY

During cutting, welding, and other ironwork operations, the surface of the workpiece becomes idled with uneven spots and raised edges. Since all this needs to be smoothed out, you need a grinding machine. In this machine, we have an abrasive wheel that rotates at high speeds. When it gets into contact with the metal, it smoothes over the surface by removing all undesired materials on the material’s surface. At Rent A Tool, we know how important each of our Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn. As such, we keep all our grinders in the best condition.

Stick welders for rent in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn.

Very rarely do we find any metalwork without some aspect of welding. Welding helps the workpieces to come together. By welding various parts together, the ironworker creates something greater than the individual pieces. We have all types of stick welders, each available according to the purpose you need. The stick welder can be rented out for as little as $35 a day.

Aluminum brake for rent

An aluminum brake is one of the most valuable things an ironworker needs in their shed. This tool is basically used to bend doors, windows, trims, and much more. Basically, when you need to bend a workpiece, this is the best way to go. At Rent A Tool NY, we have this machine up to 8′-6″ wide, together with two legs to offer pressure support. You might also need a portable siding brake for your work. This tool can bend aluminum trim coils, copper, light galvanized steel during residential roofing, siding, gutter, and window installation.

Soldering iron for rent

Soldering irons are another must-have in the ironwork business. This machine is used to solder joints together on sheet metal objects. The soldering iron is also quite versatile in handling several soldering needs. For instance, copper plumbing can also be soldered using this tool. As a matter of fact, this iron is also needed to join heavy wires together or even to keep certain metal surfaces hot and malleable.

why consider Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn


In the ironwork business, trust is everything. At Rent A Tool, we ensure that all our tools are in the right working conditions and that the customer gets the best value for money when hiring our Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn.

Spare the extra cost

Due to the nature of these machines, some of them are quite expensive. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy something which will not be regularly utilized.

Repair and maintenance

Apart from the initial cost, most machines have some recurrent needs. For them to work properly, you need them regularly maintained and repaired in case of a problem. With Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn, you avoid all these expenses altogether.

Tool Rental Services in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn
Manual sharpening of a tool on grinding machine