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Ultimate Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.

At one point or another, people want to do some improvement on their environments. This can either be your home or your place of business. Working on the environment makes the place not only more attractive, but it also helps to raise its value in some cases. DIY home projects can range from fixing some broken parts to creating entirely new things to keep the home more beautiful and practical. The thing, however, is that most of these projects need special tools to complete; tools that regular people don’t keep laying around in their garages. As such, the only sensible thing to do is rent out the tools you need for the project and return them when done. Here are some of the Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn commonly associated with DIY projects.

Saws for Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

When doing DIY construction work, you will need a lot of saws to get the job done. Some saws are perfect for timber while others are made for the steel. At Rent A Tool NY, we know that you need your saws to complete your projects. As such, we have a wide array of saws for whatever needs you might have. We stock circular saws, metal chop saws, miter saws, concrete gas saws and so much more.

Wet-dry shop vacuum for rent

Also known as a HEPA Vacuum cleaner, is one of the best cleaners for light or heavy-duty cleaning, be it wet or dry. When dealing with an extremely dusty place, this machine is all you need to get the place spick and span. If the area also has water, the device is a good choice to clean with. Although this machine was designed for small spaces, it is incredibly efficient. While wet cleaning, you will only need an empty tank without the filter.  To eject the water, you only have to press a quick water release at the bottom of the vacuums. For fine dust, however, we require you to purchase the cartridge filter.

Mixers for Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

In most construction DIY projects, you will need to mix some concrete at one point or another. While you can do it in a wheelbarrow or mixing tub, a mixer is that much more efficient and can mix small amounts of concrete. The mixers come in different sizes, and for a smaller project, call us for ultimate Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn at the best prices.

Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
Tractor Mixer, roller on the road repair site. Road construction equipment. Road repair concept. Construction workers on road repair.

Soldering iron for rent

Soldering irons are another must-have in the ironwork DIY business. This machine is used to solder joints together on sheet metal objects. The soldering iron is also quite versatile in handling several soldering needs. For instance, copper plumbing can also be soldered using this tool. As a matter of fact, this iron is also needed to join heavy wires together or even to keep certain metal surfaces hot and malleable.

Grinding machine for rent

During cutting, welding, and other ironwork operations, the surface of the workpiece becomes idled with uneven spots and raised edges. Since all this needs to be smoothed out, you need a grinding machine. In this machine, we have an abrasive wheel that rotates at high speeds. When it gets into contact with the metal, it smoothes over the surface by removing all undesired materials on the surface of the material. At Rent A Tool, we know how important Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn is to you. As such, we keep all our grinders in the best condition.

You might ask why it is you should rent out your tools from us. Here is why;

Avoiding the initial cost

As previously mentioned, a lot of the more specialized tools tend to be a little pricy. As such, it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for equipment you won’t use a lot after the project. By renting your machines from us, you get a great deal on top of the line equipment.

Avoid Depreciation costs

When you purchase equipment, especially the heavy or highly specialized ones, they start to depreciate. Reselling and maintaining equipment requires an additional injection of cash apart from the previous upfront cost. This affects their resale value such that sometimes you can’t get a fair price for not so old equipment when you decide to sell. By renting your equipment from us, Rent a Tool takes away that liability.


From the moment you express interest in renting out any equipment, you are handled professionally to the very last minute. Our staff is definitely trained to work with these machines. We ensure that the tools are okay by keenly inspecting them to ensure the next client doesn’t get a defective product.