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General Cutting Equipment Rental in Brooklyn, NY.

When building something, either metal or wooden, you will need some cutting material at various stages of its creation. When it comes to cutting tool rental services in Brooklyn, NY, no one does it better than we do. While some people might think that it’s better to buy the equipment so that you can use it whenever we say there is no need to buy a tool to let it lay in the garage gathering dust. To this end, we present our customers with top-of-the-range cutting machines for every possible situation they can be in. at Rent A Tool NY; we have an impressive collection of rental tools for cutting purposes so that you don’t have to wait to get your tools ready. Here are some of the most sought-after cutting equipment for rent in our shop.

Sawzall DeWalt in Brooklyn, NY

If you are looking for a Sawzall DeWalt for tool rental services in Brooklyn, NY, then you have come to the right place. The Sawzall is a highly efficient electric reciprocating saw with a cord to connect with power. This cutting machine features 0-2800 SPM and 10Amps ensuring that it can cut through any material you want, including stone, wood, metal, and even PVC. Given its lightweight nature, you can carry it around. Using different blades, you can cut through nearly anything, even metal chains.

Circular Saw Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn, NY

The 8-¼ inch circular saw is one of the most iconic saws out there. With this saw in hand, you can frame materials, cut dense wood and even cut through metal provided you have the correct blade. The circular saws can be used with plywood, softwood, or hardwood. So if you are looking to make something or cut a few pieces of wood for a project, this is the perfect companion. Our saws also have a large cutting capacity of 3-3/8″ with proper stops at 45° and 22.5°. To help the user handle the saw we confidence, we have rubberized the levers so that the operator can quickly adjust direction with one hand.

Jigsaws rental in Brooklyn, NY

This is yet another cutting tool popularly requested by our clients. Jigsaws are known to shine in areas where other cutting tools cannot catch up. Jigsaws are often used for jobs that require a lot of accuracy and precision while cutting. Using the cutting tool rental services in Brooklyn, NY, is easy and quite straightforward. Given the high precision nature of this particular machine, it can be used to create patterns on wood without much hustle.

Concrete Wet Saw rental in Brooklyn, NY.

Sometimes, when we need to get to something behind a concrete wall or floor, our first instinct is to get the sledgehammer. Although effective, it relies on brute strength to get the job done. However, there is a simpler, more efficient way to tackle this problem. At Rent A Tool NY, we rent out the 18 Inch Walk-behind Concrete Wet Saw machine to people who want to cut through concrete using minimal effort. Its 18’’ blade has a 7.5’ max cut, meaning that cutting through concrete that’s no thicker than that should be a breeze.

Why should you consider Cutting Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn, NY?

Avoiding extra expenses

Apart from the initial cost of the cutting equipment being high, the cutting machine owner also has to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the tools while in storage, or else they will fail. Hiring these tools from us will relieve you from the stress of finding worthy tool rental services in Brooklyn, NY, for the saws when they fail. It will also mean that additional expenses such as storage and transport don’t touch you.

Gain competitive edge

While in business or creating something, you need to have the best tools at your disposal to have that extra edge against the competition. Even without competition around, having a proper tool will help you do a better job than using inferior machines.

Gain a flexibility advantage

When you buy a tool, you are often forced to stick with it even when there is a newer, better model. When you rent general cutting tools, you are afforded the advantage of being flexible. This means that you can get the tool you want without having to go the extra mile. As such, you can take advantage of new technology and create better products altogether.

Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn, NY
Cutting Tool Rental Services in Brooklyn, NY