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Power Tool Rental You Can Use On DIY Projects At Home

More often than not, we find that our homes require some renovation. What could be better than hanging out a brand new deck grilling and entertaining friends and family during the summer? Not much. Adding a deck to the backyard is a great way to spruce up the house and provide entertaining space. The best part is that building a deck is a do-it-yourself project as long as you have the proper power tools. Here are some of the basic tool rental services in Bushwick, Brooklyn you can easily rent at your Rent A Tool equipment rental store to build a DIY project such as a beautiful deck your family and friends to enjoy during the summer and year-round:

Miter Saw Rental in Bushwick, Brooklyn

This is the most important power tool to have in your deck-building arsenal. Building a deck is much more than throwing down some planks. It is a precise business. The miter saw makes sure that your cuts and angles are accurate for a perfect fit. It also gives you the freedom to build your deck in a patterned design instead of just vertical or horizontal planks. Cutting angles in the planks with a miter saw allows you to do this with ease.

Tool Rental Services in Bushwick, Brooklyn
carpenter cutting a plank with a compound miter saw

Cordless Power Drill for Rent

This indispensable power tool rental service in Bushwick, Brooklyn, can perform various tasks and will be used so often you may even need to replace it one day. Drills are important for putting together and dismantling simple pieces of furniture, placing shelves, hanging artwork, and many other handy around the home repairs. Even the most powerful tool-shy individual will find them easy to operate and helpful. Don’t bother with the corded variety, as these can be dangerous and difficult to use. Also, find one with an extra battery because if left unattended for a while, you may find it drained when you need it in a pinch.

Power Screwdriver

Using a hand-powered screwdriver? Get frustrated by stripping screws and smashing tender fingers? You can pick up a mini, battery-powered screwdriver on the cheap. This power tool is great for everyone, from people attempting to construct confusing amateur furniture to those who don’t have the physical strength to dislodge tight screws to clumsy people. It takes much of the frustration out of simple home tool rental services in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Sander for rent

Unless you are using composite materials, you will definitely need a reliable and strong orbital sander to ensure the planks and railings are smooth and splinter-free. For composite materials, you will still want to sand the ends of the planks if you’ve had to cut them.

Reciprocating Saw

This is also called a Sawzall. It is a long thin saw that can reach those difficult to reach places. It is essential for making those cuts where your circular saw won’t reach like under the decking.

Router for Rent.

This power tool is great for putting the finishing touches on your deck. Using a router, you can add some scrollwork or other decorative touches to your railings or curve the ends of the planks. It allows you to spice up the design and give it your personal touch.

Auger for Rent in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Yes, you can use a manual hole digger for the anchors. But, if your ground is too hard or you want to make it easier, an auger can make faster work of the holes. Instead of digging the holes manually, an auger can make quick work of the job and also ensure that the holes are deep enough for your project.

You can easily call for tool rental services in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to get your project done. When working outside with these power tools, always use precaution. Wear your safety glasses and keep track of where the power cords are so you don’t cut them. Make sure they aren’t anywhere near standing water too. Use the right power tools, and you can have a brand new deck in no time. Oh, it also makes a great opportunity for some guy-bonding time so solicit help from your buddies to make the work go by faster and make it more fun!