Whenever you need to cut a piece of wood, sliding miter saw (AKA Mitersaw) is the perfect solution for you. A miter saw is an aggressive tool that allows you to cut accurately any wood for your demolition project. A miter saw is a must tool for any construction work, woodworking or D.I.Y. renovations. At Rent A Tool NY we hold in stock several high-quality miter saws for rent. You don’t have to leave your project location. We deliver to anywhere in NYC. All you need to do is to pick up the phone, and the sliding miter saw is on the way to you.

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Sliding miter saw – Functionalities.

The sliding miter saw has many functionalities. You can quickly cut through thick materials with extreme precision up to 45 degrees left or right. You can also tilt the saw to make an angled cut up to 45 degrees. The sliding miter saw is compact and easily carried.









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Safety rules – don’t take the risk

Although the sliding miter saw is a compact tool, it’s a highly dangerous tool. Don’t give up on wearing up eye protection & gloves. During the cutting, chips of wood flattening in every direction. Don’t try to move the wood during cutting; you should only slide it when you hold the wood tight to the back panel.

Tip: An additional measurement of the wood, marking with a pencil where precisely to cut, will save you a lot of wood and frustrations.

The sliding miter saw is one of the loudest tools we have. Purchasing ear protection is a smart move. Another critical point, when cutting a big piece of wood, one side of the lumber might fall to the floor and hit your feet. Because of that, you should consider wearing safety shoes while cutting. Your safety is above all; we hold in our store all the needed protection equipment. Don’t put your hands near the blade, cut carefully and prevent injuries.

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If you are a pro, you probably have the experience to use the tool. In a case you are a DIY hobbyist, our team will be glad to demonstrate you how to use the tools. Your safety is above all, and we would like to see you come back over and over. This tool is hazardous.

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