When you have wood boards that haven’t been flat for your woodworking project – Thickness Planer Rental in NYC is the perfect solution for you. To smooth a piece of lumber, all you need is to insert the wood with the flat side face down. (Notice: at least one side of the lumber should be flat). For any woodworking job, a thickness planer is a great tool. Putting the wood on the tool’s bottom surface, adjust the needed height with the knob and start cutting. The thickness planer is portable and easy to work with. Once you locate the piece of wood correctly, operate the machine, the middle blades will skim down the surface, and the board will come out smooth from the other side. You may repeat the procedure few times until you’re satisfied with the result. You don’t have to leave your job location. We deliver to anywhere in NYC!

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Thickness Planer – Functionalities.

The thickness planer we offer for rent can handle up to a 12″ height of wood boards! The thickness planer planes one side at a time. After each pass, you’ll turn over the board and pass it again. Thickness Planer Rental in NYC – With Rent A Tool NY it’s easy. The tool combines a set of cutting knives, cutter head, in/out feed rollers. The thickness planer is capable of removing a large amount of material in each pass. The more tighten the knob is, the more material will be cut.





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Thickness Planer Safety rules – don’t underestimate it.

Safety glasses or goggles is a must. Hearing protection is recommended for all persons that standing near the tool. Don’t try to plane too thin woods unless you pin it to another wood surface. Don’t insert hands of fingers to the cutting area. This tool is aggressive and may cause severe injuries.

Tip: Measure the surface after each pass and make sure you don’t over cut it.

The sliding miter saw is one of the loudest tools we have. Purchasing ear protection is a smart move. Another critical point, when cutting a big piece of wood, one side of the lumber might fall to the floor and hit your feet. Because of that, you should consider wearing safety shoes while cutting. Your safety is above all; we hold in our store all the needed protection equipment. Don’t put your hands near the blade, cut carefully and prevent injuries.

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Thickness Planer Rental in NYC | Safety rules

Thickness Planer Rental in NYC | Protection Accident Prevention Safety Goggles

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Besides miter saws, you may rent or buy:


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Thickness Planer

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If you are a pro, you probably have the experience to use the tool. In a case you are a DIY hobbyist, our team will be glad to demonstrate you how to use the tools. Your safety is above all, and we would like to see you come back over and over. This tool is hazardous.

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