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tool rental faq's

Tool Rental Brooklyn, NY FAQs

tool rental brooklynContractors and homeowners often need to rent tools from a local tool rental business in Brooklyn, NY. You asked, and we answered! The following FAQs can help you understand the basics of renting tools and equipment in NYC.

What Areas of New York Does Your Team Service?

Rent-A-Tool NY provides tools, services, and equipment rentals across the entire New York Metropolitan Area. At Rent-A-Tool NY, we pride ourselves on providing the most affordable rates and outstanding customer service in the New York area. Even though our tool rental shop is located at 765 E New York Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203, our team can deliver machinery to your location in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, and Staten Island. Getting rental equipment has never been so simple and accessible.

Do You Offer Service Tool Delivery Outside of Brooklyn, NY?

At Rent-A-Tool NY, we absolutely do. Our company is invested in getting you the tools and equipment you need when you need them most, which is why we offer delivery services across the Five Boroughs of New York.

Do You Offer Pick-Up Service Too?

So if you rent a large piece of machinery from our team, such as some generators, forklifts, or scissor lifts, there’s no need to worry about how you will return the tools to us. We’ll happily take care of the return process by coming to your location.

pick up and delivery
Pick Up & Delivery To NYC and Beyond!

How Long is the Rental Period?

As long as you need it to be. In general, our tool rental period can be per day, per week, and per month. If you simply need to rent some power tools, accessories, or equipment for a single day, that is no issue. Rent-A-Tool NY has got you covered. Conversely, suppose you’re looking to acquire more heavy-duty machinery such as scissor lifts or forklifts (more of the kind of equipment rentals used by professionals) for a lengthier period of time. In that case, Rent-A-Tool NY is still more than happy to support you and your project.

We offer rental service on a weekly basis, meaning that depending entirely upon your terms and conditions when you sign for the initial rental at the store, you may rent out the tools for as long as necessary.

lift rental brooklyn
Aerial Equipment Rental in Brooklyn, NY

Can I Extend My Rental Period?

Renegotiating the terms of your rental period is absolutely allowed. Our team at Rent-A-Tool NY will do everything we can to confirm a lengthier tool rental period for you, but depending on the availability of the tools and equipment you are renting, your results may vary significantly. As always, our team’s primary mission is to serve you to the best of our abilities. So even if the specific tools and equipment you are currently renting do not have availability for a tool rental extension, our contractor experts are more than happy to suggest another tool rental that is available in the name of ensuring you get that job complete.

long rental period

Is Your Equipment Kept in Good Shape?

At Rent-A-Tool NY, we pride ourselves on the upkeep of our tools and equipment. As a rental services business shop, it does us no good to rent out tools and equipment that are in anything less than superb condition. To do so would be to defeat the entire purpose of what we do here at Rent-A-Tool NY: offer you the means and access to accomplish the project of your dreams without having to spend the bundles of money it would take to purchase all of the equipment for the job.

earth moving equipment
Tool Rental Near Me

In What Shape Do People Return Your Rentals?

In keeping with the theme of upkeeping our equipment, upon returning our tools, we always ask that the renter return said equipment in good, clean condition and (in the case of refuelable equipment) with a full tank. Upon returning a tool rental, the tool rental is inspected thoroughly by our contractor experts, who clean it thoroughly and ensure that it is more than adequately prepared to be rented out again before the next renter receives said tool.

concrete saw rental
Rent Per Day, Week, Or Month

What Happens if Rental Equipment Breaks Down During the Rental Period?

As previously detailed, our team at Rent-A-Tool NY goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and productivity of each and every piece of equipment that goes in and out of our doors, from the smallest of accessories to the largest of generators. But inevitably, tools break down after years of wear and tear. So in the event of a malfunction during your rental period, Rent-A-Tool NY is happy to provide an efficient and precise team of experts dispatched to your location to help get that tool up and running again in no time, any time.

How Can I Book a Rental From Rent-A-Tool NY?

In keeping with our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, our booking process is swift, easy, and efficient! You can browse our selection of available inventory online or with one of our experts over the phone at (718)-395-5939. Here, our team will provide you with honest and open information about what tools and brands may work best for you and discuss available rental periods with you.

cherry picker rental
Call Us Now For Any Lift Delivery in Brooklyn!

What Information Do I Need to Set Up a Booking Account?

The only things we ask you to provide to set up an account with us are a payment card to be put on file and a valid ID. Aside from that, no other paperwork or accessories are necessary to set up your account.

man on platform rental
Man On Platform Rental in Brooklyn, NY

How Do I Know if Rent-A-Tool is the Right Fit for Me?

Our team always encourages every customer and potential renter to do as much research as possible into various rental shops in the New York area prior to committing to us because we know that no other renters are offering the deals and expertise that we bring to the table. Whether you’re completing carpentry, construction, welding, or cutting, Rent-A-Tool NY has the perfect thing for the task waiting for you, so feel free to contact us at (718) 395-5939!

Picture of Dov Goodman
Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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