Do you need a Wet / Dry Cutoff Saw for Rent in NYC? You’ve come to the right place. At Rent A Tool NY we hold in stock a few Wet / Dry cut off saws for rent. Besides that, we offer accessories and supplies. We carry in stock a variety of blades for wet/dry demolition, wet / dry masonry, wet/dry metal and blades for general purposes as well. Another key point is that you don’t have to come over to our store, we deliver to anywhere in NYC. Our store is located conveniently in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

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Dry or Wet Cutoff Saw – The Abrasive Wheel.

There are many abrasive wheels; each one is made for the different job. The most common abrasive cutting wheels are made out of:

  • Zirconium Dioxide ZrO2 (AKA Zirconia) – For alloy steels
  • Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 – For mild steels
  • Silicon Carbide (Carborundum) – For glass & ceramics

Most of the abrasive wheels contain several types of materials. Each blades manufacturer have a different formula of abrasive materials. Each one is built for a different purpose and designed to achieve the perfect cut. At Rent A Tool NY we sell many types of abrasive wheels in different diameters.



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Wet / Dry cutoff saw for rent in NYC and Beyond!

In addition Wet / Dry cutoff saw for rent in NYC we offer Wet tile / Brick saw for any masonry job to be done as well. Furthermore, at our store you will find: 8-1/4: Circular Saw with comfortable rubber grip on handle, a Jig Saw for woodworking, a 10″ Portable Table Saw for precision jobs, a 10″ by 24″ easy to assemble & transport Wet Tile Saw, a 4″ Portable Hand Held Band Saw, 7″ – 1/4″ Circular Saw, a 12″ Sliding Miter Saw, 14″ Metal Chop Saw & Cut N’ Break 16″ Concrete Gas Saw.

If you would like to cut concrete floors, you should consider to rent one of our walk behind saws such as Walk Behind 14″ Concrete Gas Saw or a Walk Behind 18″ Concrete Wet Saw for heavy demolition jobs to be done.

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wet or dry cutoff saw for rent in nyc

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Rent A Tool NY is a one-stop store for contractors and DIY hobbyist. Look no further; we have it all. As shown above, we hold in stock a large variation of saws for rental, but this is only the beginning. In any event of tools lack, we are here for you. Our motto is fast & courteous service. Your project is important, and we will do everything to help you finish it in time manners. Proceeding on this track, we offer the best prices in town for tool rental services.

Even if you don’t want to wet / dry cutoff saws, we sell brand new tools for the best prices as well. At our shop you will find:

And much more.

If you are a pro, you probably have the experience to use the tools. In case you are a DIY hobbyist, our team will be glad to demonstrate you how to use the tools. Your safety is above all, and we would like to see you come back over and over. These tools are hazardous

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