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sewer jetter rental nyc

Sewer Jetters – What Are They For?

Rent-A-Tool NY Affords You Options

When you find yourself staring down a heavy-duty drain problem and in desperate need of heavy-duty tools to get the job done, Rent-A-Tool NY is the one-stop shop for you. One of the most flexible, friendly, and professional commercial tool rental companies in New York, Rent-A-Tool NY is here to make those big tasks that much less daunting for you by equipping you with everything you could ever need and more.

When obstructions clog commercial, residential, or municipal sewer systems or a drain, drain cleaning professionals, and plumbers turn to sewer jetters (alternatively known as hydro jetters, water jetters, or drain jetters). A sewer jetter is a powerful piece of machinery engineered to innovate the drain-cleaning industry. With their high-pressure water jets, unparalleled power, and easy-to-use equipment, sewer jetters have revolutionized drain cleaning forever.

sewer jetter rental iconHow Do Sewer Jetters Work?

Sewer jetters are large pieces of machinery used to clear out a drain. Generally mounted on trailers or trucks for transportation, these average hydro jetters can often carry more than 1,500 gallons of water in their tank.

The general makeup of one of these high-pressure water jetters features a water tank, a pump, an engine that powers the pump, and an assortment of hoses and nozzles to attach to the line.

The Pieces of the Jetter

The engine powers the pump, which draws water from the tank and propels it through the attached hose through the nozzle. This simple design is very capable and showcases obscene durability, with these portable sewer jetters running smoothly for long periods.

Of course, these jetters have to shoot high-pressure blasts of water with remarkable power and precision to be successful at drain cleaning and clearing debris. On average, a sewer jetter fire up to 25 gallons of water per minute, with a water pressure of 4,000 PSI. Some larger jetters, with a longer hose with greater resistance and durability, can fire a mind-boggling 120 gallons of water per minute.

The larger the drain line, the larger the pipes, the larger the obstruction must be to be causing such damage and detriment in the first place, and thus the larger the hose for the jetter must be to sustain the water pressure and velocity necessary to do the job.

rent plumbing equipmentWhat Other Jobs Can a Sewer Jetter Do?

But beyond just clearing debris from pipes, jetting can also assist in smaller-scale, less immediately pressing jobs. In providing a hose and nozzle for each size and distinct setting, the sewer jetters can also be used to easily cut through buildup on pipes such as grease, sand, and even ice. Performing routine jetting for these smaller issues helps to prevent larger issues down the road and keeps the entire drainage system running more effectively.

Other Full Line Equipment for Jetting

The sewer jetter comes with multiple hoses and nozzles so as to better aid the renter in honing in on the precise flow of water jetting tool needed for the job at hand. For example, the penetrating nozzle fires a much more distinct flow of water, often used at first when clearing debris. This flow is more concentrated and powerful, making it much more easily capable of penetrating the debris, thus the name for the nozzle.

Conversely, the closed nozzle is a much less percussive blast. This nozzle is often used once the debris on the line is cleared for further cleaning purposes or simply for smaller-scale jobs that do not require the extensive power of the penetrating nozzle, such as the clearing of ice or grease.

plumbing equipment rental nycSewer Jetters: A Tool for Many Tasks

These pieces of other equipment can help to ensure that your jetter gets your drain line as clear as possible in the safest and most efficient way possible. So when you need to take control of a drain problem, whether that be to clear debris, reduce grease, or cut through ice, Rent-A-Tool NY has just the tool for you: a high-pressure sewer jetter.

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Dov Goodman

When I was a child I used to go to look for old tools centers, bringing my mom broken parts that I have found. This hobby has grown over the years, and now I'm running my own one-stop rent a tool shop in NYC.

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